Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3rd makeup by 蔡三宝

woke up to super bad skin, a huge acne on my chin and a red eye... and it had to be the day when i was 'lending' my face  for Angela's mini makeup test... =S 

tried rectifying it with a mask

hoping for a miracle which obviously did not happen lo... =S 

anyway, felt kinda weird to be in a pretty dress with absolutely no makeup on and also because i was running a 'little' late, i decided to call for a cab..... bad decision ... came a Limousine cab... 

and a $25 hole in my pocket from home sweet home to Pomo Centre ... train would have cost less than $2.... humph

my 'model' pass,,, #cheapthrill

50% of Angela's barang barang 

moi before transformation 

felt super stressed for Angela cos all the other models had super nice skin la.... was so worried that i would cause her to be at an disadvantage... ='( 

during skin "correction" 

after correction... can see my eye reddening and my skin around my nose flaking hor?!?!?!... haiz... skin, why u so not cooperative de?!?!?!?!?!

75% done

with my 蔡三宝

I am starting to like the feeling of having curls.... oopx
and i luv luv the vibrant eye shadow once more... can see the gradient from goldenish yellow to orange to red to brown.... 

preferred a naked pair of lips to this red pair but i have to agree that red lips does brighten up the face

this was the final 'face' after making 'improvement' based on the feedback from the teacher.... 
he said that bridal makeup cannot have such strong demarcation of the eye shadow, MUST blend!!! and also that red lips are a MUST with gloss..... =S

well.... my thoughts was "oh my god, even make-up teachers teach like moe teachers"... really cannot believe that even in the makeup 'education' sector, there's also a model way of applying bridal makeup... no wonder most of the models look about the same with their brownish well-blended eye shadows at the end of the session la.... who dare to be creative, except my rebellious 蔡三宝 of cos, and risk failing the test lo.... 

OH NO..... i spy another white hair!!!! =`( 

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