Monday, June 15, 2015

First Cabin Capsule Hotel opposite Tsukiji Fish Market

staying in a capsule hotel was a must for this trip just because i wanna experience staying in one... hence i was super glad that it fitted in perfectly with our visit to the auction fish market at tsukiji cos this First Cabin capsule hotel is just about 400m away from tsukiji fish market and 100m from the train station... =D 

4500¥ (S$49.50) per person per night

male guests were at the lower levels... Alfred and Alvin were at level 3

mummy, angela and me were in level 5.... we were issued an access card to use the lift to our level... luv the security which i was worried about before the stay... =) 

i was staying in "I luv u" cabin.... =) 

the key to the locker for valuables within the cabin ... larger bags and luggage were left with the recep staff at the lobby

welcome to my cabin
pyjamas, towel and toothbrush all provided....早知道就不用扛到脸青青

overhead flat screen tv within the cabin...  

mummy in her cabin 514

the brush teeth and make-up area 

angela said this set of facial product was good stuff from shiseido so mummy and i had a good good facial wash that night.... wahahahaha.... 

there was even a hair straightener.... 

private bathroom for shy people 

the hot soak pool with water at 40 degree celsius 

the common bath area for the not so shys.... misty due to condensation of water vapour on my camera lens

as we had checked in rather late, there was no one else in this common area so 蔡 mummy and i experienced our first 赤裸相对.... wahahahahaha.... enjoyed the unique experience.... =D 

interesting vending machine at the lobby

but we preferred to head out for our late dinner/supper instead... 

sleepy me ready to khooonzzzzz....  nightzzzzz

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