Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 3 of Penang - Wonderfood

Wonderfood Museum at $25 rm each 

a place where everything looks so humongous and yummilious but are not edible... never ever visit with an empty stomach... 

OMG, what happened to the food?

Flying with the food 

Yes... I can tell .... wahahahahaha

很有 feel oh!!!!

just in time for durian season... Yumzzz.... 

I must have been a terrible friend.... cos no matter which group of friends i visit this museum with, I always ended up as the 'victim' for this shot... need to do some soul searching... =S 

took way lesser pics as this was my second visit to this museum.... had fun taking pics of Liza instead... she was totally in the mood for pic or should i say... she was totally into the food... =D 

more pics of this museum can be found here.... taken during the last visit in March... 

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