Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hatchday 26 + 10 @ 'Hogwarts Dinning Hall' with Angela

first Hatchday celebration this year was with Angela who took me on a magical dinner date @ Hogwarts' dinning hall... though it wasnt the actual one in London, i was equally thrilled when i stepped into this mini replica one @ Butterworth lane... even the name of the road that it was located on is so Harry Potter-y.... wahahahaha 

... Hedwig's shrine ... 

what a rude shock i had when i was told that the above display was a shrine for Hedwig... i didnt even know it died in the series as The Half-Blood Prince was my last book & movie... too many people died in book 7 and i refused to let it destroy my Harry Potter fantasy... =P 

Chocolate Frog and a Golden Snitch for meeeeeee

as we were the first 2 muggles out of a total of 12 to arrive, we got to pick our seat and i chose to sit right in front of the 'fire place'... =D 

sumptuous spread for the night.... i mad love the vegetarian shepherd's pie, followed by the very juicy turkey.... didnt try the beef and mutton but heard from the other muggles that they were really good too ... 

oh... and there was non-alcoholic butter beer in a pretty metal mug!!!  =D 

Sorting into our houses was conducted shortly after dinner.... not with the sorting hat but with a choice of cupcake with colour coded filling....  
i chose this chocolate cupcake ... and i was hopping that it would be with yellow filling and it was!!! Yippy!!!! 

i knew i am a HUFFLEPUFF and i was perfectly dressed in HUFFLEPUFF colour of yellow & black for the night... =D 

This cupcake got Angela sorted into Ravenclaw ... 

we changed seat and sat with our housemates to answer trivia questions on Harry Potter meted out by the 'professors' (hosts) 
i scored one point for my house... wahahaha... and Hufflepuff was in 3rd position... 

the winner, Gryffindor, received a pack of Every Flavour Bean while the rest of us were given 2 yucky flavour beans to eat on the spot.... 

i think mine were 'dirt' and cherry flavour... downed a whole glass of water to 'flush' the disgusting taste off my teeth and tongue after that.... =S   

it was an interesting experience and i highly recommend this to all Harry Potter fans... =D 

here's the link where Angela bought our dinner vouchers @ $68/pax from....  let me know if you are interested and i can give you a referral code to get $20 off... =) 

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