Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hatchday 26 + 10 @ Opus with the SmartLab gang

gatecrashed uncle yc & his 2 'girlfriends' gathering @ Opus, Hilton Hotel on 19 October just so to claim my hatchday meal from Joyce... wahahahaha 

Joyce and I shared a chicken which was average only ... totally not worth the price of $48++... =P 

on the other hand, this steak for 2 that came with free flow wine; sparkling, white & red was super worth it at $120++ 

very good review on the wine from the 3 酒鬼s 
while i was more into their pretty pretty dessert .. the mango yogurt that looked like a popsicle was yummmzzz....  

uncle commented that this hazelnut dessert below had 'poop' on it.... (-.-!!!) 

from Adele, "The best thing that came out from working at SL was the friendship forged"... totally agree... =) 

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