Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Day 3 & 4 of Bangkok - Train Night Market Ratchada (Rod Fai)

went to my favourite night market which was located just behind Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station ... and it was walking distance from our apartment... =D 

Alfred's first buy - quail eggs with fish roe 

Mummy and her gigantic plate of mango sticky rice, the culprit that gave her food poisoning, making her the second victim to tummy upset on this trip, after Prasaad...   

Alfred was still going strong with this plate of salmon sashimi  

seafood takoyaki for me

seafood  on the table

my favourite photo on this trip - the Chua brothers bonding over food... =*   

Prasaad was feeling really uncomfortable so Alvin brought him back to the apartment while Alfred, mummy and I continued our food quest, to tabao more yummy food to eat in our apartment ... 

Happy Chuas...  

My shopping from this night market 
sling bag at 240 baht (S$10.15) ...bought one for myself and one for mummy 

a money pouch for 洪妈妈  

2 belts at 100 baht (S$4.20) each... 

4th & last day in Bangkok

breakfast from the street market behind our apartment 

and the 3 surviving ones on this trip.... 

and because the counter staff at the airport saw that mum wasn't feeling well, she gave us first row seat (near the toilet) at no additional charges... woohoo!!! 

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