Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Europe Accomodation, florence - athens

Accomodation in Florence, Italy - Hotel Aurora

Address: Via Luigi Alamannni, 5, Florence, 50123, Italy
Phone : +39 055210283
Email :
Enquiry call from singapore : 800-1205159 (English)
Check in – 2pm, Check out – 11am
Free wifi, air con and private toilet

It freaking difficult to find a B&B in florence with a private toilet....had a few discussion with Mr Ang if we are really okay with shared toilet and no we are NOT okay.... think we are just not that kind of super friendly + backpacker style of travellers bah...

took me a few days before i found this hotel that has a private toilet in each room and yet still consider affordable to us (€386 for 5 nights).... and damn... accomodation in rome and florence is damn freaking expensive la.... i know i had complained it endless time all the more it dosen matter if i complained about it again here lo... hahaha....

Accomodation in Venice, Italy - Hotel Riviera
Address: Miraflores, 106 – Centro, Santiago, Chile
Phone : +39 055210283
Email :
Enquiry call from singapore : 800-1205159 (English)
Check in – 2pm, Check out – 1pm
Free wifi, air con, private toilet and continental breakfast,

description from

"Hotel Riviera is housed in a historic palace and features a panoramic, strategic location in front of the lagoon and the waterbus stop, within quick reach of Venice’s historic center. From the waterbus stop located just outside the hotel you can reach St. Mark’s Square, in Venice, in about 10 minutes.

The waterbus stop offers regular service to Marco Polo Airport (where i need to travel to to take a flight to Greece), Piazzale Roma Bus Terminal and Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station as well. The seaside resort has also attractions of its own, including the beach (the hotel can arrange beach chairs and sun umbrellas on request). The hotel offers charming views of the lagoon and unforgettable sunsets.

A health club is available with sauna and whirlpool. Guest rooms are clean, comfortable and equipped with all conveniences."

this hotel cost us €120 for 3 nights....and from the above description, i can conclude that i need to go to St. Mark’s Square and must take the water bus...hahaha.... will need to find out more....

Accomodation in Athens, Greece - Phidias Piraeus Hotel

Address: 189, Kountouriotou, Piraeus, 185 35, Greece
Phone : +302104296480
Email :
Check in – 2pm, Check out – 12nn
Free wifi, air con, private toilet

this is like the prettiest accomodation that we will be staying in for the whole europe trip (based on photos that i saw online)... hahaha.... check out its website for more photos lo.... it's like a brand new hotel in super bright colours.... likey.... and it only cost us €90 for 3 nights.... oh ya...and they provide transfer to and from the port where we need to catch the ferry to santorini early in the morning at 7am....heee....

Accomodation in Santorini, Greece - Mary Rooms

Address: Perivolos, Perivolos, 84703, Greece

Phone : +302286082246

Email :
Check in – 130pm, Check out – 11am
Free wifi, air con

cost us only €54 for 2 nights... the cheapest accomodation for the whole trip liao... wahahaha... also got free transfer from the airport = no need to plan transport again...woohoo....and also super duper good reviews about this hotel from below....;label=hotel-280594;sid=9a85ecba699cecdb06c8b9f09217da08

santorini is the place where lewei took her wedding photo (if i din remember wrongly).... and it's a beachy place....from what i assume.....hahaha.... hope it's the type of beachy place i always like... so miss the langkawi trip with Mr Ang a year back lo.....


accomodation is so much prettier and cheaper in greece than in italy

by the way, we (more to me) gave up searching on what we should do in europe liao... hahaha... we (I) have decided to just ask the B&B owners what is the suggested itinery .... hahaha.... anyway, i don't know anything about the places that we will be i confirm wun regret not visiting any place...

actually got abit la... should have stay in santorini for one more day and one less day in athens.... santorini seems more interesting with its volcano theme than the usual dome & museum & church theme in athens.... as if there's isnt enough domes & museums & churches in rome & florence.... =P ...i m really hoping i dun regret choosing europe as honey moony place lo.... oopx....

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