Monday, August 8, 2011

Pulau Ubin with

first it was ice-cream buffet with, ( now is one night stay at pulau ubin with these collective sale pitch is so working on me lo.... =s

anyway,$54 for 2D1N Celestial Resort Stay @ Pulau Ubin! (Includes Live Seafood Lunch + Welcome drink + Daily Breakfast + 1hr Lagoon Snorkeling + 1hr Fish Spa + Marine Fish Feed + Overnight Bicycle rental)!

will be enjoying the sea, the beach (sand) and the sun with none other than ....Joyce....hahahaha.... bet many of you will think that it will be with Mr Ang right??? well, year 3 sem 1 has just started for him today.... so knowing him (not blaming him), i better dun include him in this kind of impromptu stuff that requries TIME away from his books and tuition and projects etc etc....(no, i emphasize once more, i m not blaming him....wahahahaha).... check out the resort at, the room rate itself is already at $138.... so good good deal lo.... thinking of going during the sept holiday.... though not considered an oversea trip but still "over the sea".... wahahaha....

had cycled in ubin twice and had lots of fun in the first round where we had to cycle in the rain and was still able to jump into the quarry for a swim.... miss those time.... young and energetic.... hahahaha..... not forgetting outward bound back in 1996....=P

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