Friday, September 7, 2012

Bangkok Day 2 - MBK, Little Siam, Platinum

Bangkok Day 2 

we planned to wake up at 7am bangkok time to visit the morning market (530am - 830am) which Yuan had the night before, i set my alarm to 8am Singapore time since singapore is ahead by an hour without realising that my phone had auto updated the time liao.... but we still managed to visit the last 30 or so minutes of the morning market before the storekeepers started to pack up... 

din buy much cos the style like not very the right leh.... most were too flowery for my liking 

฿120 (S$4.80) each only if we buy 4 pieces...mabel bought 1 and these 3 are for me, angela and someone.... 

฿100 (S$4)...looks not bad but dun fit me well... so have to give this away too ... =(

went back to our hotel to enjoy our free buffet breakfast ... =) 

then we took the free shuttle service to siam tower and saw some  interesting shop layout

chanced upon this open concept shop and bought leather pouches

one for my laptop (฿390 = S$15.60) and one as my pencil case (฿220 = S$8.80)...also dun know what got into me.... it's not really me to buy such stuff for myself... though it's high time i change my pencil case from the current winnie the pooh plastic case to a more decent and mature one....hahahaha....

from Naraya where i spent another  ฿590 (S$23.60)...only the kitchen gloves are for our home sweet home... the rest are for friends to pick their souvenirs from.... 

headed for MBK which was just across the road
bought this gigantic card as a farewell card for a fellow colleague at only ฿54 (S$2.16)


Very yummy!!!!

cute display at crocs shop

bought this for Mr Ang at  ฿150 (S$6).... wanted him to wear it as our couple tee for a similar singlet which i bought for myself the day before.... but the material was too thin for his liking.... =( .... 

nothing much at MBK so we proceeded to Siam Square only to find out that it had became a school uniform supplier building....wahahaha.... luckily there is a little siam which is not that little for us to continue our shopping 

3 t-shirts for Alvin and Alfred...totalling ฿580 (S$23.20)... found a mini hole behind one of the shirt.... =S 

bought these from the roadside stall at ฿20 (S$0.80) each while on the way to lunch


seriously, i dun quite understand the craze over A&W... it's like a must to eat at A&W whenever i'm in thailand or indonesia... it's really nothing fantastic leh.... the only reason i can think of is that it's not available in Singapore....

i mean we can get much more delicious ice-cream waffles and rootbeer float from dessert cafe and curly fries are also available every now and then in Mcdonald right??? 

anyway, realised that i was running low on cash liao so tried to be more prudent in my shopping.... i had only bought S$400 worth of baht for all the shopping and food and i had already spent close to S$150 in less than a day of shopping .... hahahaha.... 

anyway, plastic bookmarks from the gift shop at 5th level of Platinum Mall  
฿9 (S$0.36) per pack of 10.... heee.... ideal children's day present for the little ones to choose from... =D ...the winnie the pooh clip cost  ฿10 (S$0.40) 

฿130 (S$5.20) each favourite buy.... =) 

฿350 (S$14) .... considered expensive by bangkok standard.... hahaha....and the sad thing is.... i bought it for the purpose of wearing it to school yet it cant be worn to school... though it's stretchable, it's too tight fitting till it's pressing against all my fats in the wrong places.... oopx..... and because it's tight fitting, VPL problem occurs.... sianx.... 

a bunny casing umbrella....  need to buy 2 to enjoy the wholesale price so Mabel and I got one each at  ฿350 (S$14)... came in handy the very next day...=D

Yummy dinner from the roadside stalls again....  the food is really so much nicer than those at the foodcourt in MBK and Platinum lo...

TOM YAM SOUP with rice 



 The delicious spread in our room... =D 

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