Saturday, September 22, 2012

Evolution of my communication tools

Evolution of MY communication tools

i belong to the time of pagers... had my very 1st pager in JC year 1 and it was a purely numeric pager...we would have a code to represent ourselves... my code was 19 and lene's was 95... 

since 'messages' could only be numeric, everyone was communicating in number codes;

these were the few common ones;
07734 = hello
11771554 = i miss u
5012124 = sorry 

then it was the alpha-numeric pagers
besides the motorola jazz pager, this mtv pager was one of the coolest stuff that most of us had back in JC... i remembered i had mini colourful bells attached to the springy chain and had 2 puffy stickers behind it. 

messages were created using the number keys..... 

 416363316243414281 = goodnight 

the challenge of this was that i couldnt 'see' what i had typed... so it was really a case of practice made perfect 

then 蔡 mummy ordered 蔡 pappy to get me a phone when i entered uni cos i was always not returning call with the excuse that i was on the bus/train and hence had no access to public phone.... was so upset lo..... i really didnt want to be that contactable cos it would mean that i have no more excuses to go home late... =S

realised i was showered with at least one phone a year while surfing GSMArena to recall what were the phones i had held before... and all sponsored by 蔡 pappy

Nokia 3310

Nokia 8210

Samsung A400
Samsung P100

sony ericsson W850

This was the last phone from  蔡 pappy.... came with a pink pouch....attached with a beaded candy which chunyang made for me.... was super duper upset when the screen went blank one day
I started buying my own phone and the first one was 
LG 800 (chocolate) 
lasted less than 3 months.... couldn't take the super sensitivity  buttons at the front.... 

the willingness to pay for phone drops drastically when i became the sole sponsor of all phones at home.... 蔡 mummy's, alfred's, angela's and alvin's.... =S.... having 5 phone bills and 5 phone requests on my pocket can be very very siong so new rule was that all new phones (including my own) are to be of $0 or as near to $0 as possible and have to be used for more than 21 months

used this for 22 months  and was only willing to change it because it kept restarting on its own

bought this last sept cos it was the only $0 phone on the list.... all my friends couldnt believe that i did not get a data plan and a smarter phone then.... 


Then, i had to misplace my phone on the first day of term 4 and Mr Ang decided to pamper me with a samsung SIII.... and even when my phone surfaced on the 3rd day (yes, i survived more than 45 hours without my phone)... Mr Ang still insisted on getting me a new phone... but after much consideration, i opted for a SII instead... it's a total waste of money to buy a SIII for me.... and even for a S2, Mr Ang had to pay $348 for it due to the type of plan i hold.....

been holding on to the phone for a week liao.... and this is how it looks like now...
casing from Mr Ang too.... =) 

My top 8 functions 

my games and apps 

very pathetic right???? really is a waste to get me a smart phone lo.... been really busy (& super stress) with my current art course hence no time no mood no energy to explore the new phone... 

but i really really appreciate the fact that i can now just google anything anytime i like... i used to always take note of key words during courses and only google them when i reached i can do it on the spot.... =) 

and i found this video on youtube.... and so far learnt the first 2 'tricks' liao.... cant be bothered with the rest.... but gonna have the video here so that just in case, i m in the mood again...i can learn the next 2 and so on.... these might not be 'wow tricks' for most of u....but they are definitely 'tricks' to ME.... =P 

really hope this phone is sturdy enough too.... on an average, my phone will freefall to kiss the ground at least once a week.... =(

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