Friday, September 14, 2012

Teachers' Day 2012 - Part 1

Teachers' Day 2012 - Part 1

Part 2 which was posted 2 weeks ago was for the afternoon celebration. This Part 1 post is on the morning program that was planned by the Teachers' Day School Program Committee which I was in. And for the first time we need not teach on teachers' day celebration day.... =D

The goody bag for each teacher consists of a booklet with recycled paper cover by the P5 pupils, a clay magnet by the P4 pupils and a  note from our principal or vice-principal. These may not be expensive items but they were made with appreciation by the pupils so i really really hope that teachers don't just throw them least keep it for a while before throwing it away k????   

Concert was from 730am - 9am instead of the usual 1130am - 1pm due to the double session. Major highlight of the concert (according to me.... oopx - i admit, i'm biased...hahahaha) was the 'flashmob' by my modern jazz dancers + 7 super sporting teachers and last but not least, my principal.... =D.... 

this flashmob idea was coined by aimei.... we were chatting one day and i said i wanted something special for the concert, she suggested flashmob, i agreed, told her she could use my jazz dancers and she just 莫名其妙地 became the person in-charge of the program when she was not even in the planning committee.... oopx.... but i knew she definitely had fun planning and executing the whole thing (i hope)....=P

and i also helped in the choreographing of the P4 prefect dance 

all the pupils were dismissed at 10am after an hour of bonding with their form and co-form teachers and from 10am to 11am, teachers gathered in the ava room to have a break. Teachers could also meet ex-pupils during this hour... 

next segment of the program planned was for teachers to enjoy an hour of workout with fellow colleagues from 11 to 12nn. 

We had street soccer 

captain ball which somehow became volleyball, 

latin jive 

and gym 

i signed up for the latin jive and had lots of fun dancing with 30+ other teachers... =D ... i hope all the teachers had fun too... =) 

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