Saturday, January 19, 2013

ATPP - The Exhibition

....Finally....after 4 months of once a week lesson on learning how to draw and stressful art's the ATPP EXHIBITION..... 

it's held at Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST), an open area near the canteen 

Our programme director, Mr Lim Kok Boon, giving the opening speech to thank the Ps, VPs, superintendents, collegues, family members who had attended the opening ceremony

submitted a total of 7 works of which only 4 were chosen for display

 “The hand which held the rest is the smallest of them all… I have aged”

(Love should be about Compromising)

(Comprising is the key to our love)

A cube with five sides is never complete, just like a family without a sensible dad

(4) Personal Portrait that formed the class attendance... =) 

some of my coursemates' work 

one of my favourite due to its interactive nature

photos printed on transparency, folded into hearts, lighted by xmas lights... 

i m amazed at how delicate and how detailed they are

cosy family

omg.... so intricate 

the stress of a 12 year old

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