Saturday, March 30, 2013

H stands for Hubby

My hubby is Mr Ang Kok Ming. 

He's an undergrad studying material engineering in NTU right now. He will be graduating this July and will be starting his phd program this August. 

He's a vainpot who exercise alot alot just so that he can look fit, look good in his clothing and have abs that he can stare at all day long... =P 

He's a very hardworking hubby. He provides for our little home sweet home through the many many tuition assignments that he takes up every year since the year we met despite having a very busy study-load and CCA commitment-load. 

He's a big little boy who is man enough to 扛下 all the responsibility as a hubby and the man of our home sweet home yet childish to the max with his 小孩子脾气... =P

He's a very hardworking (& kiasu) student who do all his tutorials and start revising from the very first lecture of every module. 

He's a super unromantic yet a super sweet hubby. He doesn't give me surprises nor expensive gifts but is always ready to pamper me with his time, endless hugs and kisses and the oh crack me up so much nonsense. 

He's very accepting towards my flaws. He does all the housework just because i hate doing them. We eat at his mum's place or out just because i cant cook. He will still say he loves me when i am feeling and looking horrible due to my pimpled face and flabby arms, thighs and tummy. 

and the best part is, he likes to stay at home too.... maybe that's y he can accept my super nua-ness.... so while he studies, plays game at home, go gym, go swimming, go running, i can just 趴 on the bed watching online drama, surf net and nap all day long... =D

I really feel that i'm a very lucky wifey just because my hubby is him.... =*  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

G stands for my Genarasi

E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales

G stands for my Genarasi

luv this video since the first time i saw it last year.... 

i hate to admit but that was really my childhood

(1) i was the wanna show off type who brought all my stationery to school.... staple, tape dispenser, hole punch, both long and short ruler, as many different coloured pens and story books as possible... it only stopped after 蔡妈妈 threatened to make me carry stones in my school bag since i enjoyed carrying so MANY things to school... =S

(2) i did have similar friendship poems doodled in my autograph book which was originally a diary that 蔡妈妈 bought for me when I was in primary 3. That was the year where i promised her i would write a daily diary just because the book was oh so pretty.... =P 

still remember that my autograph/diary book came with a small lock and had fragrant pink, green and blue pages with flora designs... 

(3) played the finger game before too.... think it can be considered the forefather of the finger chopstick game which kids played a few years ago... 

(4) sitting at the staircase gossiping with girlfriends while waiting for the school bell to ring to signal the end of recess was a daily affair in secondary school.... 

(5) pepsi cola and zero point were POPULAR game back in primary school.... you need to be POPULAR in order to have enough friends to want to play together.... as i wasn't really popular, i trained very hard to be really good at these game so that  'friends' would invite me to play with them... 

we also played the more challenging version called the starfish which was played with either two zero-point 'lines' or a very long zero-point 'line' that was tied to form a loop. We had to step on both the 'lines' as the ending pose for each stage and it got harder as the height increased. 

(6) had a love and hate relationship with the lipstick sweet (push pop) and ring sweet .... they were considered HOT stuff which was a must eat but saliva and glucose didnt really go well together... they dripped and made the fingers and hand omg so sticky.... =S.... 

(7) the transparent balloon

this was my first money - making business.... =).... would buy a box at about $2 for a box of 50 and sell them at $0.10 each to my classmates back in primary school.... i remembered i had a blue record book that i used to record orders too.... wahahaha... 

Friday, March 22, 2013

F stands for Fairy Tales

very funny right???? heee.... this song brought back so much childhood memories .....

most girls, including me, grow up being surrounded by the classic fairy tales.... i still remember i had this super thick bedtime story book that has all the fairy tales inside....  tracing out the princesses and colouring them was one of my favourite past time in those days too.... =) 

maybe i 中毒太深 cos i just have the thinking that all girls should be treated like a princess la.... wahahahaha.... 

and i do love the songs in most of the disney princess movies too....   

lewei, eve and I performed a dance to this song during Riverside 10th anniversary concert way back in 1996

my modern jazz dancers performed to this song at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2011... =D

more of my favourites... =) 

E stands for Emperor

C stands for Cramp
D stands for Dopey

E stands for Emperor

after watching 甄嬛传 

and 步步惊心

i conclude that being an emperor is one of the worst and saddest life anyone could have la.... really dun understand why princes of those time would sabotage, harm and ever kill each other just to get the throne....

imagine a life that you have to constantly worry that someone, especially those close to you, is out to betray you, out to back stab you and out to kill's a very lonely life la...   =S

and because of all the power struggle and cat fights between the empress and the thousands of concubines (heard of 后宫三千佳丽???), many of the emperor's most love women were murdered or poisoned or just disappeared mysteriously ... but i dun blame the women for being bitchy and scheming lo.... which women can take it lying down to share a man who they love??? 要怪就怪男人太多情!!! ... =P 

though emperors had endless women and they could just request for any women who they set their eyes on, they also need to sleep with women they did not love nor like, sometimes even hate, just because of politic reasons, example if the concubine was the sister or daughter of some important general who won numerous war etc.... i somehow feel that emperor could feel like a gigolo at times lo.... =S

the number of princes and princess who managed to survive all the scheming plot in the palace and grew into adulthood is very small despite the many many women that the emperor bedded... 

such a scary life right???? 
it's really a case of 有了全世界又如何? 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

D stands for Dopey

D stands for Dopey

since i was young... i had refused to like the same thing as the majority.... i had never like disney princesses or hello kitty or winnie the pooh when most of my primary school friends were into them.... 

while all/most of them were into sweet valley high, i was into nancy drew, famous five and even hardy boys....

while all/most like pink or blue, i chose to like purple then green then yellow  

i guess i just had this strong desire to be different..... =S.... also dun know for what reason... =S

so back in jc, i cracked my brain and decided it shall be Dopey that i like.... bet most of you wun know who it is right???? hahahaha..... it's one of the dwarfs from Snow White's the youngest one, the cutest one and the only one without the beard... =) 

My collection over those years when i was willing to spend on 摆设品 

18th birthday present from the 2s7 gang

had to do more drawings for the Advance dip interview 2 weeks later so sketch it by observation....=) ... was so happy that i didnt have to use the coordinate geometry method for this sketch... wahahaha..... 

i just love it for its big big cute cute ears, his silly grin and his chubby cheeks... 
D is also for drama, dogthers and Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain, dance

Monday, March 11, 2013

C stands for Cramp

C stands for Cramp

i believe many many many women go through the same agony as me during the time of the month.... i really really really dun understand why we, as women, have to go thru this form of 生不如死 period every month..... why cant procreation or the absence of procreation be more bearable???... the pain is there as if to punish us for not getting our tiny weeny egg fertilised that month lo....

check out this video on why cramp occurs in kawaii format.... 

but thank god.... I have Mr Ang who always pampers me like a princess..... =*.... 
C is also for Candy crush and charlene 

B stands for Baby

B stands for Baby 

though Mr Ang and I are not a anti-children couple, neither are we (at least for me) a pro-children couple.... at least not now.... 

i am planning to do my advanced diploma in arts education this August to November. it's gonna be a super stressful period and I really need to put in a lot more time and effort just to graduate from the course 

so i m really praying that i dun hit the B jackpot anytime till Nov this year.... 

and Mr Ang will be doing his phd in UK 2 years later for 1 whole year ... so am i suppose to look after baby ang in mr ang's absence  or am i suppose to go on no pay leave and bring baby ang along to uk leh???? 

if it really happens, i guess option 1 will be the choice, at least i will have 洪 mama and probably a domestic helper to help look after baby ang and i dun think we can afford to have the whole family over at UK while I'm on no pay.... money just dosen fall from the sky ah.... expenses in UK will be rocket high and i cant work part time if i need to look after baby ang there right??? 

so i really really hope that people stop asking when baby ang is coming along cos i really dun know as well.... we are not stopping it from coming but i'm just not looking forward to it for now.... 


In the mean time, do be happy for us that we are happy with our 2 fluffy dogthers for now k?  

B is also for braces and bearbi

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin

Did my first blog challenge when i first started on this blog.... then ended it off with a number blog challenge because i thought i dun need a blog challenge to get me blogging.... 

so wrong.... after 3 yrs of blogging, after 2 yrs of marriage life, after 6 years into the job, life is just so ---------------------- BORING and repetitive..... =S

nowadays, most of what's worth recording for future reference is about who i met and about which restaurant i visited and about some of the craft i made, dun mind blogging about holidays though just that there's no sight of the next holiday yet... =S

so went online to look for a blog challenge and the first one on the google search list is "Blogging from A to Z April 2013 Challenge".... hmmm.... though i strongly believe that i wun be anywhere close to 'Z' even till end of the year, i m just gonna use it as a framework on days when i run out of blog topic yet am in the mood to blog ... TODAY would be an example of such a day...

Let's start with A:

The letter 'A' reminds me of the 3 As i have at home
me with Angela, Alvin and Alfred

together, they form the no. 3 in my life, just behind mummy and Mr Ang..... 

the experience in guiding them, motivating them, talking sense into them, giving them tips to handle mummy's drama and loving them makes me go through "motherhood" since the age of 26

i m a proud sister looking at how well they turn out to be... i want them to stay happy, stay healthy, be good people and have a peaceful life ... =) 

my wish is to really really stay close even when we are old and have our own little family oh.... 

A is also for Acne, Art, ATPP and Advanced Dip