Tuesday, May 7, 2013

S stands for what else is fun in Singapore

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby
I stands for I
J stands for Jobs
K stands for Kitchen deco
L stands for Life is good
M stands for My Man and his 1st car
N stands for NTU

S stands for what else is fun in Singapore

many people always complain that Singapore is such a boring place, nothing to do, nothing to see... that's y we are always only eating and eating, shopping and shopping, watching movies and movies .... 

but actually if research on singapore is done like how i research on other countries while planning my route of travel, i bet i can still find interesting and cheap (better still, FREE) stuff to do in Singapore besides the everybody already know tourist attractions and eating places and shopping areas.... 

(1) Art @ Ritz Carlton 

- FREE ... =) 
- contains 4200 modern artwork display all around the hotel
- ask for an info booklet with a map from the concierge and can have the option to go on an ipod tour with a valid ic/passport and a $50 deposit. 

(2) Last Kampong in Buangkok, Singapore

FREE ... =) 
- it's a REAL housing estate that belongs to a handful of families so do be very polite and respectful when visiting the area. A definite NO NO to taking photos of the villagers while they are going about their daily activities
- see here for a panoramic view of the kampong  

(3) water theme park style swimming complex 

- i know of two, there might be more, one at Lakeside and the other one at sengkang 
- usual swimming complex admission fee of approx $2 but with slides, lazy pool and water playground.... it's like a mini water theme park....for the price, confirm worth it... =) 

(4) Fort Canning Trail 

FREE ... =) 
- can download and print the DIY guide here and explore the history of this part of singapore... personally, i like the Singapore's Colonial History Walking Trail most....

(5) Visit places of worship to learn about the different religion
- FREE... =) 
- oldest hindu temple @ chinatown

- largest muslim mosque @ kampong glam 

- chinese temple @ Bugis
- this is the one that Mr Ang always go to pre & post exam, pre & post travel etc

- christian church @ City Hall

- do read the info in the link as there are certain rules & regulation to follow oh

(6) Cheng Ho Cruise 

- can booked the 2.5 hour cruise here
- comes with breakfast ($29)/high tea ($34)/dinner ($57)
- i think it also includes a half an hour drop off at Kusu island 

(7) Turf Club for horse racing 

- $5 using ezlink card & $6 for cash payment 
- to enjoy the adrenalin rush not from gambling but from watching the gamblers' expression when they win/lose..... wahahahhaha...
- got dress code de oh - no slippers, shorts/berm & singlet 

 (8) Central Fire Station 
FREE ... =) 
- and it's open every Saturday, 9am - 11am, for the public as part of national education
- check it out in this post for the things you can do during the visit; from sitting on the rhino (the small red fire truck), activating the water hose to talking to yantao firemen.... wahahahaha

not bad siah..... manage to find 8 activities... should be enough to keep me entertained for the next few school holiday as part of my 蔡家 termly family outings .... =) 


Had so much fun 'researching' for this post and decided to extend it to a Singapore's A to Z Blog Challenge from May 2013... =) 

X stands for ?????

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