Wednesday, June 19, 2013

back to the 80s @ tamshui

street artist just outside the train station

it's not called 淡水老街 for's a street that will teleport you "back into the 80s", as coined by alfred after seeing all the old school kind of pasar malam games .... 

alfred having a go.... not bad for a first timer... =) 

and for his superb marksmanship, he received an inflatable toy hammer which he gave to a cute little girl shortly after... 

bought some switch stickers at NT$50 (S$2.15) each from one of the gift shops

and this is how 'taipei 101' looks like on my toilet switch... =) 

also bought one of these... guess which one???? 


not my favourite kind of ice cream, i prefer the more creamy kind, this was more icy, but was fun watching them create it... =) 

and boy, it melted so fast that it was dripping everywhere and mummy had to step in to salvage it... =S 

prefer the german pork knuckles at feng jia night market ... this one got smelly smelly pig smell.... no like.... 

i luv taiwan muah chee...   

it was a joy eating all the snacks under the cloudy sky... =) 

and out of nowhere along the street was this unique/strange museum

it's a very tiny exhibition room about the size of a 3-room flat that showcases many unique creatures - live & preserved 

Siamese tortoise 

tortoise with high arch shell 

albino tortoise with a pig snout 

not really interested with all the weird looking creatures but had fun with the photo booths.... wahahahaha

and this marked the end of my second taipei trip in 2 consecutive years.... 

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