Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Singapore's N stands for Night festival 2013

Invited the chuas along for this year's night fest and enjoyed the unique experience of visiting museums (National museum and the Singapore Art Museum) together.. of which i think was a first for mummy and alfred...

cute gummy family outside Plaza Singapura

interesting logo along the way

Title: Paper planes
Artist: Pitaya Design
Venue: SOTA's entrance 

Title: Type Light
Artist: Trafik
Venue: The Cathay entrance
a very large (super brightly lit) led display screen
look out for facilitators with ipad who will let you key in messages to be displayed on the screen... 

saw someone nicked fatboy using this as a marriage proposal too oh... =) 

Title: The Magic Melody 
Artist: Tigrelab
Venue: Singapore Art Museum

a video mapping prologue on the facade of Singapore Art Museum which aims to establish a dialogue between architecture and people 

since museums are free for all, we decided to pop in for the aircon... heeee

these two works are part of the Terms & Conditions exhibition till 8 September 2013 which features rather morbid work about war and suicide... definitely not for happy people like us.... =P 

met mr tall guy along the way 

the bat infested tree outside National Museum 

poem formed with balloon letterings right at the entrance of National Museum 

蔡 mummy had lots of fun reminiscing her childhood in the National Museum's Singapore Living Gallery - Films & Wayang 

this was what  蔡 mummy was watching and listening to

The gallery exhibits the production and consumption of films in Singapore from the 1950s to 1970s where the social history of leisure is traced through a display of cinema related paraphernalia such as tickets, handbills, posters and magazines. The select display of Chinese and Indian-language materials show the different types of films that were watched in Singapore. In addition to the commissioned montage by Royston Tan featuring a brief history of the early development of cinema in Singapore, visitors can look forward to seeing clips from the films Lion City (1960) and Singapore (1960). 

Intricately sequined Chinese opera costumes and accessories worn by the opera veterans were also on display. Witness the spectacular Xin Sai Le Puppet Stage that belonged to Xin Sai Le, a Fujian troupe which came to Singapore in the 1930s from South China, and trace the development of Chinese opera and the emergence of home-grown films as popular entertainment in Singapore. 

we din have much time to explore all the galleries as we were more interested in the performances at the facade of National Museum 

overall, i had a great time because of the people who enjoyed the night with me... i just feel that this year's performance dosen dazzle as much as compared to last year's .... =( 

Hopefully the performances on 30 and 31 August will be better and if time permits, i might go for a second round to explore areas which i had left out... =)


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