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IVP4403: New Media (5 & 6) - Technical Challenge (1& 2)

2nd assignment for this module

had to submit 2 photos as described below:

(1) wide angle + long exposure + theme: ghost of the past
(2) telephoto + freeze frame + theme: i'm alive

as usual, search google and youtube for inspiration and ideas to copy... oopx.... 

nice idea for long exposure if i wanna do a 
"i hate xmas 2006"  with a backdrop @ mimosa park

another so pretty long exposure shot.... 
miss being a dancer yet no guts to dance it out on stage since jc time le... =( 

a really ghostly long exposure shot, 
gave me the idea of wanting to take a similar photo of someone dear with the backdrop at hougang hospital... ;p

watch from 5.53 - 6.15 to see how the above shot was taken... 

as to when i feel alive, it's definitely when i am on a holiday, especially on a beach holiday.... 

i remembered doing a couple of this star jump shots while at desaru with chunyang, ailing, yuan, joyce, casper & beng... =) ... miss holidaying with such a big group of friends too.. 

but on normal non-holiday days, coke can do quite a good job of keeping me slightly more alive

somehow, the gas always manages to perk me up at the end of a tiring day..... my favourite way in enjoying coke (though fattening) is with salt in the ice.....  


update from 25 October:

i thought as long as i remember all the necessary statistic (aperture, iso, shutter speed etc etc) learnt from lesson 3 & 4, i shouldn't have much problem completing this assignment.... 真的是大错特错.... it took me more than 6 weeks, many many attempts, many many changes of ideas, many many feedback sessions and many many shots before paul finally accepted my photos for grading... =P

(1st attempt for long exposure - ghost of the past)

borrowed chunyang's camera and dragged him back to sec sch with me for a couple of hours for this shot... 

idea: as a Failed art student of RSS

 brought back so much memories of sch life during those days although much about the school (building, school crest, uniform) had all been changed since we graduated 16 years ago...

anyway, managed to 'draw' the letter F with a torchlight after multiple tries but there's totally no aesthetic feel lo... =( 

(2nd attempt for long exposure - ghost of the past)

idea: mr ang tossing around from having a nightmare 

灵魂出窍-ing... oopx....

haiz... just couldn't get the right combi for all the statistic.. =( 

(3rd attempt for long exposure - ghost of the past)

idea: ferry transport as Sentosa's past 
i find this rather pretty with all bright lights from the buildings and the blurred one from the cable cars... if only the ferry could be brighter... 

paul commented that this was boring and dosen tell much of a story and couldnt evoke much feelings... =(

(4th attempt for long exposure - ghost of the past)

idea: in remembrance of the wife

 Mr Ang really dozed off for this shot cos i took nearly an hour of clicking and adjusting and clicking again and adjusting again and again and again before i was finally satisfied with what was captured. 

We din have a bigger wedding photo / photo of us to let him hug so he was holding on to our wedding scrapbook while he slept to pretend that he was thinking of his 'dead' wife (aka me).... heee

anyway, this was the 'elaborated' set-up

Gonna get a little mushy here cos i really really really luv mr ang for being so nice and so accommodating to me la.... this was one out of i think 3 or 4 nights that i requested him to help in the photoshoot and each session always took up close to an hour....  and i was an annoying pest who kept asking him to shift a bit here, there, higher and lower, put his hand out, face right, up or left, so that i could get my ideal composition which changed whenever i adjusted the focal length of the len, which was like after every few takes... =) 

and for all those who know him would know that these 'wasted' hours away from his books and readings was tantamount to mega sacrifice and mega torture although all he needed to do was to lie on the bed and pretend to sleep... =P 

anyway, edited the photo a little with my pte ltd  photoshopping skill and submitted both the coloured one above and the black and white one here for grading... =) 

i think this black & white one got more feel oh... =) 

Here we have Wan sacrificing himself so that some of us could practice with the freeze shot setting in our camera

behind the scene... =P

He's one the the kindest, most generous and funniest person i've ever encounter.... not just because of this sacrificial for our phototaking.... he's also our friendly yellow 'school bus' uncle who drops at least 5 to 6 other coursemates off at whitley, bishan, serangoon, hougang almost everyday on his way home from nie.... i took his 'bus' a couple of times too when Mr Ang had to rush off for tuition before my lessons end.... 


(1st attempt for freeze motion - i'm alive)

idea: my energy booster

effect of coke & a tube of mentos... effect not powerful enough leh.... =(

max the iso, hence the graininess... due to the telephoto requirement for this shot, all the photos came out dark dark de... realised that in order for this shot to be successful in terms of exposure, it had to be captured under very strong light ... =( ... 

(2nd attempt for freeze motion - i'm alive)

idea: He's most alive during a match

however this photo wasn't taken during the match ..... he was too fast for any proper shot to be captured during the game so 洪大哥 intendedly served him multiple high balls after the match so that he could jump and smash for this shot.... and it took close to 10 shots before i captured the one above.... 真的是辛苦了两位洪先生.... 

(3rd & 4th attempt for freeze motion - i'm alive)

idea: Kiddos are the most alive during play @ recess
luv donavon's, boy in yellow, expression... so super cute and could tell he was really enjoying the moment.... but it was super difficult to get him to listen to instruction during the shot la.
He was having so much fun that he was rolling and running and swirling all about.... took me more than half an hour to capture this .... =S

paul, in his fussy mode, commented that he liked the shadows and the way xaiver's, boy in green, hair flew up during the jump. HOWEVER, his hair was blended into the bush behind... =(

paul, in his generous mood, said that he would accept it for grading though....

but since i was going back to school on the following monday, i decided to give it another try and managed to capture this which he preferred.

it would be even better if the sun was stronger so that the shadows were more obvious. 

i still prefer the top one but it shall be the bottom one for submission... =) 

this assignment really opened my eyes to the world of photography.... kudos to all power pack photographers for your patience in trying again and again or waiting super patiently for that one magical moment to click upon and for spending long hours photoshopping the final product .... every beautiful photo is really captured with a lot of sweat, patience, effort and talent which i'm lacking in... 

though i am not really satisfied with my photos here, especially the "I'm alive" one but i had to stop trying further for this assignment and move on to other assignments.....there are like another 9 to be completed in the next 4 weeks... argh!!!!

but i know i will definitely put in more effort in capturing prettier photos in future..... but i would need to get a lighter camera with manual function first... mr ang's dslr is too heavy for my liking...

this is part 3 of 7 parts to the series "Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education". A series of blog posts that are updated weekly (from aug - nov) to document the activities, progress and learning point(s) from the week's lessons... =) 

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