Friday, October 18, 2013

IVP4402: 3D exploration (7 - 9) - ceramics


step 1: make the base with a rolling pin and stick plank to ensure uniform thickness

step 2: 'draw' the shape of the base and remove excess clay

step 3: score (create scratch marks on) the surface with a comb-like objects

step 4: make a few dough stick look-alike  

step 5: score and slip
never use water as the clay will flop

step 6: 'blend' the different layer of coils together to form a smooth surface so as to secure the vessel

then use a flat tool (big ice-cream stick) to smoothen the outside and inside of the vessel with upward and downward strokes respectively.

further smoothen the outside with a kidney piece or credit card

always remember to wrap the half - finished claywork in plastic bag to retain the moisture so that more coils can be added on within a week or so. by allowing the bottom layer to set, it gives the vessel a more solid base for higher levels to be added.

form the shape of any handle and leave it to harden for half an hour before attaching it to the vessel with scoring and slipping.

alternative to using rolling pin is to use the slab machine

i have this slab machine in school... i thought it was a mega print making machine lo.... wahahaha.... how come my other art teachers din tell me despite having done ceramics in nie???? hmmmm

the slab machine will be able to flatten this blob of clay 

into this uniform flat piece in seconds... =)

Hands-on time... =) 

clay --> bisque (biscuit) after the first round of firing

at the glaze station

something went wrong somewhere and my flowerpot ended up as pimple-poked as me.... =S 

Slab work 

Step 1: 
use the slab machine to make huge slabs

Step 2: 
cut out identical shapes for the base and cover of the vessel 

Step 3:

Step 4: 

Step 5: 

a very satisfied Leng with her demo

My mini slab work

range of colour glazes to choose from... =) 

spoilt for choices so used as many colours as possible... wahahahaha 

gloss coated

out of 3 ceramics work, only this one turns out not too bad.... 
phew! at least i get to keep a good one as a souvenir from this course... =) 

wheel throwing with raku clay, goldish brown.... very pretty colour compared to the which stoneware clay

managed to get this decent thingy only at the 3rd/4th try.... it's really not easy....

so upset..... why got cracks????? and why black black de???? i glaze it white de leh..... haix

this is part 2 of 7 parts to the series "Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education". A series of blog posts that are updated weekly (from aug - nov) to document the activities, progress and learning point(s) from the week's lessons... =) 

Part 1 - IVP4401: 2D Exploration 
             (1)(2 - 4)

Part 2 - IVP4402: 3D Exploration 
             (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7 - 9) 

Part 3 - IVP4403: New Media Exploration 
             (1), (2)(3&4)

Part 4 - IVP4404: Visual Literacy 

Part 5 - IVP4405: Artistic Development of Children

Part 6 - IVP4406: Methods and Materials 
             (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6&7), (8)

Part 7 - IVP4407: Curriculum Development and Assessment 

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