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IVP4403: New Media (7 & 8) - Technical Challenge 3 & 4

Challenge 3:

"Take a portrait in response to a news article"

first article we had in mind was about cultivating a nose grown on a man's forehead and our
response to it was to attach Mr Potato Head's face parts onto our own faces and then give the impressed / disgusted expression. 

Then the article was changed to the ridiculous queue of people at the launch of iphone gold where our response was focused on vanity + gold + bling

we dusted bronzer all over sherine's face for the gold effect, added super dramatic lashes for the vain effect and captured this
 but as we din use the studio lights correctly,  the effect din turn up as glam as shiny as we wished it could be... 

so sherine decided that we should seek professional help (aka tuition) from her sis and bf... so on one sunday, we popped by their work place and by this time, we had changed our article for the 3rd time; too much vitamin will harm kids

look at the props she brought!!!!

a total of 3 (left, right back) LED lights were used to cast the necessary shadow and that glow behind the model. 

to make our job easier, they even lent us their high tech camera and lens so that we would not be limited by the variables. 

took more than 50 shots and after a few round of short-listing, the 3 selected photos below were slightly photoshop to make sherine look older and + stressed + worried .... oopx....she really is 牺牲色相 for this assignment... 


Challenge 4: Then & Now

"Recreate a photo which is at least from 10 years ago"

as always, i thought it shouldn't be too difficult as i did come across such photos as seen in these here and here and many more on the net...

Browse through my photo album and found that i dun have many individual photos from primary to uni days... so no choice have to look for pre-primary photos liao... 

reason for choosing: 
Mr Ang has his convo gown and mortar board at home.

reason why it was not used: 
 Paul asked, "Do you still have the backdrop?"
i answered, "of cos not!"

reason for choosing: 
mummy still has this chinese new year 'plant' with all the deco... i just need a yellow dress

 reason why it was not used: 
 Paul asked, "Do you still have the cabinet, the gigantic bottle of Martell and the Goddness?"
i answered, "no."

so i went home and did another round of browsing.... making sure that i must find one with a PLAIN background .... wahahahaha.... 

so the weekend before i was to take a selfie of myself in ridiculous kidish clothing, i found this super duper cute photo of alvin chua back in woodlands home... 

taken in 2001 when he was just 6

now at 18

dragged him to the soccer field opposite our house in the middle of the night to take this photo.... it had rained in the afternoon and both our feet were soak in muddy water.... ewwwwkkk!!!!! 


this is part 3 of 7 parts to the series "Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education". A series of blog posts that are updated weekly (from aug - nov) to document the activities, progress and learning point(s) from the week's lessons... =) 

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