Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another beach along the way - Peggs beach

chance upon a unique rocky beach during our 1.5 hour drive from Launceston to Stanley and we just had to grab the opportunity to camwhore... heeee

无法无天 way of parking by mr ang in a campervan park

was surprised to see that campers could actually corner-off an area around their campervan to protect their privacy lo

Parking lot 17 - seems like pre-booking is required 

3 very pretty photos of the sea shot by tony... luv the enhanced colour of the sky & the rocks due to the manual manipulation of his dslr
with the Nut in the background 

 very tempted to get my own compact size dslr after seeing the photos that he took.... =) 

anyway, back to my photos.... 

take a closer look at the ground we stood on at this beach... it wasn't sand oh

it was created by layers and layers of pebbles and seashells ... pretty!!!!!!

filmed by: Mrs Candy Ang 

Professional Photograph - Mr Tony Lee
Pebbles & Seashells Installation Artist - Miss Aw Mengyuan
Manhunt Participant - Mr Ang Kok Ming  =P

so what was Yuan busy with leh???? 


'prop' for us to camwhore with.... heee


of Raspberry + Cheese + Chocolate

Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm Cafe
9 Christmas Hills Road, Elizabeth Town, 
Tasmania 7304, Australia

pretty pretty breakfast menu 

the outdoor dining area  

my breakfast - raspberry cheesecake  

yuan's breakfast - raspberry ice-cream with waffle  

Mr Ang's breakfast  

was happy to see a daddy bonding with his son over soccer and was even happier to see that daddy was not afraid of letting his son fall ... the boy would just pick himself up without any fuss ... =) 

went for a stroll near the raspberry plantation area after breakfast


but found that they were off boundary... =S 

 more greenery along the way 

Ashgrove Cheese Farm
6173 Bass Highway, Elizabeth Town, 
Tasmania 7304, Australia

beautifully decorated with pots of full bloom flowers everywhere

and life-size moo moo cows too 


Mr Ang and Yuan making their rounds at the cheese tasting area 

Then he bought me an ice-cream... =) 


my burnt nose was super obvious la.... 

gift of the day - sticky for alvin


saw many 'transformers' on the way to the chocolate factory.... =) ... mega luv.... 

this was what our road trip was like.... 
 long distance + beautiful scenery + smooth traffic + beer for the passengers + loud music + great companions = a perfect HAPPI HOLIDAY


Anvers Chocolate
9025 Bass Hwy, Latrobe, Tasmania 7310, Australia

carpark in the wild

 chocolate tasting.... yumzzzz

initial plan was to buy these for friends back home but dropped the idea as i was afraid that they would melt on the flight back...  

so we gotten the usual block chocolate instead... ywan!!! so boring... 

the 6 flavours 

saw this during payment.... great move... =) ... tasmania is really a pro-environment & pro-wildlife place

 pretty flowers in the vicinity 

Happi Angs monkeying around

decades old chocolate sculpture 

YES to more chocolate... heeee 

a century old box of chocolate....ewk!!!! so natural till it dosen't decompose??? 

That's it.... and off to Stanley we drove... =)