Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Singapore's Q stands for Qoo10 - miniature series 1

though not a physical location in Singapore, but it is definitely one of the 'places' where i spent a hell lot of time in/on browsing through the many many items on sale in the many many 'stalls'.... this is where most of my shopping $$$$ goes to too....bought so many dresses, t-shirts, decal stickers and ling ling longs longs from qoo10 in these last few years lo... =S 

anyway, was shopping in qoo10 some time back and chanced upon a miniature series.... just couldnt resist the temptation to buy one of them though i know i may not have the time and/or energy to complete it.... 

but who cares, buy first, think later.... wahahahaha.... 

as it was a pre-order purchase, i waited for about 2 weeks to receive it through registered mail.... 

Excited to see all the tiny tiny parts

 yet cursing myself at the same time.... why oh why did i itchy backside go buy such stuff to deplete my energy with??? 

anyway, it came with a pretty pretty glass ball that i had been trying but failed to get since last year.... 

it came with an instruction booklet 

that was in chinese.... so most of the time, i was relying on the graphics instead.... luckily, the graphics was rather easy to understand... 

surprise, surprise.... the excitement gave me more than enough energy to start on it on the first night of receiving it, and it took me 3 nights and 1 full day to fit and glue the pieces bit by bit to complete the whole exterior of this mini up-uP-UP house model.... 

some of the bits were so tiny that i had to use my retired eyebrow plucker to help me 'kiap' them off the table or to hold them in place while i glued them together

by right, i was supposed to use a penknife to trim off certain pieces (eg: the roof) at certain angles so that they fit perfectly together, but by left, a little bit of imperfection dosen matter to me de lo.... heee

by another right, the inside of the house should be lighted like this pic below

and packed with all the even tinier furniture

and by another left, candy moi thinks nobody is gonna see the inside of the house anyway and so it shall be left empty like this.... 


the wire connection instruction for the lightings was way way way too complicated for me to handle lo.... and the lights will definitely go off after a while and i know i would definitely not be bothered to change the battery after that so why bother to set it up in the first place now right???? heee 

making the furniture was gonna to be much much much more tedious than making the exterior which already took me 3 nights and 1 full day as i had to measure, cut and sew the whole thing from the 5cm by 5cm square of fabrics provided and which i totally have no patience for..... =S

so i have decided to be contented with this 70% completed model... =D

And, the purple and green combi of the up up house fit my dopey corner on mr ang's shelf to a T.... happiness.... =D ... bet he din realise that it's there until he read this blog post lo.... 

am gonna clog up his shelf with more from this miniature series as there are at least 6 other designs .... heeee  

so which one should i do next leh??? 


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