Saturday, June 28, 2014

driving through Death Valley

breakfast place for DAY 5

super worth it value meals

My $4 breakfast.... one of the cheapest meal for the trip... =) 

Very helpful tabulation... =)  



"LOVELYS" & "RETIRED" as car-plate 'number'??? 

Popped by a supermarket along the way 

so neat!!!!! what for????? oopx.... 

3 cartons for usd$10 that lasted us for the remaining 10 days

really is XTRA spicy!!!! couldn't eat more than 10 at a time... 

luv the 酸酸 taste of the lime well mixed with the spice... =P

sweets for the kiddos around me 

and chilli powder for 蔡 mummy 

spotted the magic school bus... =) 

BEATTY - a small cowboy town which we passed by

the start of our drive through the DEATH VALLEY

my first experience in a desert - super windy & scorching hot at the same time....  


我们到此一二跳... =D 

silky smooth sand dunes created from particles from all the surrounding mountains that was carried by the winds over centuries 

my travel mates.. =) 

dried till cracked... just like my lips... =P 

Thank God for air-conditioned vehicle !!!!  

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