Monday, July 21, 2014


out of san francisco via all these interesting metal bridges

tinge of vineyard along the way

rather grand wine 'mansions' dotted along the way

reached the town city

and found a cosy restaurant for lunch

enjoying the sun and the cool breeze while dinning... 

minestrone soup as appetizer

and ice-cream as my main course..... wahahahahaha

can see how messed up my appetite was just after a week into the trip..... was missing my wantan mee, porridge, zi cha so so so so much!!!!

off to the vineyard of the day

wine tasting for these 3

i dun drink wine so whatever joyce buy, i buy one too.... heee

on top of that, i bought these two table cloths... one for vivian and the other one for xinying... =) 

why were these two ladies so intrigued with this wild boar???  

so des.... the snout rub gives GOOD LUCK!!!

and they were in a good mood for photos too... =) 

while the 2 other ladies went shopping during the evening, Casper and I found a bistro pub for dinner and managed to catch the some world cup action... 

yummilicious calamari and fried broccoli .... =D... missing it.... 

Chablis - 当晚的落脚处 at usd $130+ per night 

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