Monday, July 28, 2014

Whale watching in Monterey

furry whale watchers on board too ... weird that dog owners bring their pups along for whale watching ah?!?!?!?... what if they get seasick??? and wonder if they have to pay to board too.... 


Joyce and I did not bring any thick jacket for this trip as it was supposedly SUMMER in the states in June.... and we were not prepared for any cold wind activity until we reached Monterey and chanced upon the whale watching centres so we had no choice but to buy one so that we would not freeze to death while chasing after some whales in the ocean

she bought hers at about usd$16 while i gotten mine at usd$21.... super worth it as it was really thick with fleece on the inside and managed to keep me warm in the chilling wind while water proof on the outside... ideal for all future winter trips... =) 

off we go!!!!

dun watch the following two videos if u r super prone to seasickness.... cos that was exactly how shaky the boat was.... it was so bad that a man was puking within 20 minutes of the ride and the whole ride took at least 4 hours to and fro.... 

a big bob of seals chasing after the whales too

whale sighting 1

Whale sighting 2

Whale sighting 3

and finally managed to get a shot of the tail!!!! after so many failed shots

Whale sighting 4

Whale sighting 5

we spotted many many many more whales but it was just too difficult to capture a proper shot of it.... and no, none of the whales did a 'free willy' flip.... =S..... but it was still a really really worth it experience..... enjoyed it max max

 cute cute otters....=) 

our captain 

 spotted a cotton candy on board too... hahahahahaha.... 

the whole trip took about 4 hours and we were back at the wharf at about 1+pm .... starving badly and chiong into one of the restaurant 

my pathetic shrimp carbonara... really were mini shrimps, the size of 虾米 lo..... i thought would be normal prawns.... =S

spotted this 'rambutan' tree on our way back to our car

and on closer look... the rambutan look-alike were actually the flowers

Bye Monterey..... a place where i enjoyed my favourite activity for this whole trip.... =) 

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