Sunday, November 16, 2014

wax resist for the duos

Lesson 1: 
using the art cards on Osa Osa, Yali and the Markara from Asian Civilisation Musuem, kiddos were introduced to what composite creatures are... Then in pairs, the pupils agreed on three of their favourite animals before piecing up their individual composite pet with the 3 animals that they had listed. 

I like this paired activity as it required pupils to share with each other on their favourite animal and then come to a compromise on the 3rd animal. In addition, it required them to crack their brain a little as the pair were not allowed to have the same or even similar composite animal as their pet... 

Lesson 2: 
class discussion on how they can be good pet owners to their composite pets before they were introduced to wax resist technique to create the background of their composite pet

Lesson 3: 
started the lesson with a discussion on products made from animals' skins and hides and linked it to cruelty towards animals... i asked how would they feel if their composite pets were killed and their skins were then made into wallets, bags and belts.... eventually the kids managed to lead the discussion towards being a vegetarians and saying no to sharkfins....  wow... i didnt plan for the lesson to be in that direction... =) 

was a little worried before the class as i was afraid that the topic would be too difficult or too terrifying for little children but the kids took it pretty well and further than i thought and even promised that they would go home to share what we had discussed and help to educate their parents about it... oopx!!! 

Lesson 4: 
We then observed some images of animal prints closely to highlight that the stripes or spots on them are not really just straight lines and perfect circles... then they did a practice into their A4 sketchbook before working on larger pieces of art paper... the practice was essential to teach about smudging and to have some peer critic for area of improvement...  

Lesson 5: 
their favourite lesson - painting and dabbing the excess with tissue paper

Lesson 6:
turning their animal prints artwork into a hat....

then adding eyes, noses, ears, whiskers, teeth etc etc 

Lesson 7: 
fashion parade, peer critic and reflection time 

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