Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hatchday celebration (7) - super late with with PTL

It has been a tradition to chop each other's carrot for birthday treats.... so even though my birthday is in October and it has been more than a term since we both meet up, this Dec 2014 Xmas meet up was still treated as my birthday treat..... dosen matter that it was 2 months late.... =D

the oh so cute cuppucino from spruce's barrister 

happi face prawn breakfast set for him

and mine...mega luv the sunny-side-up from spruce.... always cooked to perfection.... not too watery, not too cooked..... yummmmzzzz  max.... 

with the PTL who is always busy and who is always LATE!!!! 

xmas pressie...=) 
谢谢 lo!!! 

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