Thursday, March 5, 2015

tooty twos' art lessons on Pointillism with George Seurat

the tooty twos learnt about pointillism which is made famous by George Seurat in the late 1880s...
  • ·         French painter from France
  • ·         Born in 1859, died in 1891 at age 32
  • ·         Noted for his unique painting technique - Pointillism (small distinct dots are applied in patterns to form an image)
  • ·         Art movement: neo-impressionism - using disciplined network of dots to instil a sense of organisation 

His famous work includes;

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884) 

La Tour Eiffel (1889)

Lesson focus:
(i)   Dots and broken lines
(ii)  Secondary colours; green, orange and purple         

We chit chatted about Paris, holidays, iconic structures, Eiffel Tower before the kiddos practiced creating designs or blends of dots (i prefer to call them specks... =P) using the pointillism technique with their oil pastels as shown; 

Lesson extension : Singapore iconic structures to celebrate SG 50

found some simple clipart of Singapore iconic structures and printed them for the pupils as reference;

using this activity as a first step to get pupils to draw BIG BIG drawings that fill up most or even 'extend' beyond the paper...then fill in the background with pointillism technique with oil pastels before finally colouring the Singapore iconic structures black to create the contrast, foreground vs background etc.... 

and tatatata... presenting some of the more successful ones 

most of the kiddos drew The Singapore Flyer because it was the easiest to draw and also because it was the easiest to draw, Mrs Moi here drew it on the whiteboard during instruction time... 

argh!!!... mega dilemma of wanting the kiddos to be as original as possible, draw from their choice of reference picture and not simply 'copy' my idea off the whiteboard and yet having to demonstrate what is expected from them at the end of the activity; 
- Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind!

luv how same same (Gardens by the Bay) yet different the 3 pieces above are!!!!  

this cable car could be more realistic if windows were added hor??? 

am proud of these kids who seems to get it!!! now the key is to how can i improve on the lesson so that even more kids get it next year.... and next year no more SG 50... what should we draw then?!?!?!?!? 

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