Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 3 in Japan - Geiko and Maiko spotting @ Gion Street

took bus 206 from Kyoto bus station which is just outside the train station 

and off we went to Gion street, a cluster of streets famous for spotting Geishas

super tired brothers on the bus

about 15-20 minutes later, bus driver informed us that we had reached, gave us direction towards our destination and off we went....

walk walk walk 

and soon we reached our meeting point at Kitaza for the Night Walk tour 

free cookies upon payment of 1000¥ (S$11) each for the 100 minutes guided tour 

Our English speaking guide - Maiko

accidental artistic shots of Alfred (above) and Angela (below) along the way 

super cute waitress from one of the restaurants who was smiling and waving at us while we were listening to the guide 

guide explaining the difference between a geiko (professional geisha) and a maiko (apprentice geisha)
you may be interested to learn about the differences too from this video that i found on youtube... =)

a famous rock scripted with a famous poem by a famous japanese poet about the wonderful time he spent with a geiko

numerous tea houses where geiko parties are held

at this junction, a taxi pulled up near us.... 

super lucky to be able to witness a geiko being sent off to work by her geisha mother....

the famous bridge that was featured in Memoir of a Geisha

a shop selling geisha accessories 
S$2000 hairpin made from turtle shell

a very tired and bored 蔡 mummy who had to rely on me for translation 

geisha school where the maikos (apprentice geisha) learn about traditional arts and literature

outside the okiya (geisha lodgings) of the most famous geiko for 2015...
each of the wooden block is scripted with the name of the geikos and maikos living in it....  

we managed to spot 2 - 3 more geikos but due to the poor lightings and photography skill, we din manage to take any pic of them... ='(.... 

learnt a plentiful from the guide from this walk... it also ignited my interest in the mystery world of geisha.... 

another documentary about geisha 

surprised and not surprise that there are still girls who are drawn to this very ancient career this day

a happy Alvin knowing that this third activity was the last for the day.... 

ended our day with a yummilious korean dinner.. =) food was really quite awesome everywhere in Japan... 

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