Sunday, September 3, 2017

Day 1 in Perth - Fremantle, Boat Shed & Botanic Garden

Good morning.... woke up to this cutsy pie ... luv luv 

first stop of the day - Kailis Fish & Chips

so fresh that we had to be super wary of the seagulls lurking around... =P 

She's the happiest when she's eating!!! ... really is Papa Teo's princess... wahahahahaha ... 

Next stop - Frementle Weekend Market 

bought the famous honey cake... which looked like 'siao bak' in this pic... 

Then Papa Teo requested for the unthinkable 

made us walked 600m in the freezing cold just to take pic with this famous boat shed!!! 

cute cute Desiree waiting patiently for her turn in front of the BOAT SHED without any complains and still so adorable ... omg!!! i really mad luv her.... 

the group of tourists before us really took their own sweet time to pose and pose, in groups, in pairs and individually... wait wait wait till Desriee also sleepy le.... 

the choppy sea and Desiree's hair showed how windy it was that day lo.... shivering!!! 

Finally last stop of the day - Botanic Garden 

luv her toothy smile

Thai food to end the day.... 

Thankful for the spicy tom yum soup which miraclousy cleared my super block nose

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