Saturday, February 10, 2018

Prudential Carnival with the Chuas

Happi Chuas & friends @ Prudential Carnival ... 

眼快手快的我 was among the first 1000 PruPrestige customers to reply to their email to receive a $20 free ride credits card ... =D 

also went online to purchase 2 x $45 vouchers from klook at $40 each with a promo code of mbcfive. Each $40 voucher consisted of $35 ride credits and 2 drinks coupons

Mum was fascinated with the colourful drinks so Alfred bought her a bottle that could lit up from the base at $5 ... 

do ~ re ~ mi

蔡 mummy tried a hand at this 'Pick A Bag' game stall and won herself this little gift 

2 buckets later -  still No pooh bear, No tigger.... =S

Good Job!

Praying to the number God or the very stunned game master?!?!?!?!.... wahahahahaa.... 

The lucky girl with her teddy

not much luck & skill from the rest of us.... 
cleared all $95 worth of credits within an hour and off we went for dinner @ Bugis Junction 

this pic is because Angela is into unicorn nowadays and has these apps on her phone... she still hasn't outgrown them since 2 years ago.... maybe i can really look this pretty if i go for eyelash extension, put on pupil enlarging contact lenses and up my make up skill a little hor?!?!?!

but since i don't... this is how i look... wahahahaha... 

Thanks Alvin for treating Godiva ice cream.... =* 

full attendance Chua's outing.... Yeah!!!

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