Friday, May 20, 2011

toothpaste matters

Toothpaste Matters

since dun know when, i already have the impression that couples do breakup and divorce each other over the use of toothpaste (and also the position of the toilet seat - whether to keep it up or down).... couples can end up quarrelling endlessly over where to squeeze the would have preferred squeezing it from the end so that he/she can push the toothpaste up slowly each day, while the other one could just squeeze it anywhere along the tube, mostly likely in the middle, as long as toothpaste erupts out....

went online to do some bo liao search and came across a few forums and articles on people sharing their frustrations on having spouses who squeeze the tube differently from them.... but seriously, how serious a problem can it be over the use of toothpaste???

well, i m the kind that would prefer to sq
ueeze it from the bottom while Mr Ang is one that squeeze it at any point of the tube he likes.... we dun have a problem with each other, just that sometimes, only sometimes, i will smooth out the dent which he had created in the middle of the tube....doubt he even noticed it... but that's a small issue.... hahahaha....

and there are so many varieties of products that can help couples overcome t
his squeezing such cute and pretty packaging somemore... isn't buying one of these cheaper than going thru a divorce over the squeezing problem???
available in automatic version where a decent amount of toothpaste will be dispensed when the toothbrush is placed at the opening or the manuel version when a button has to be pressed before the toothpaste will be dispensed

this is the more common type.... i do see them every now and then... should be available in pasar malam or provision shops???

besides the difference in the way we squeeze our toothpaste tube, Mr Ang and I also prefer different brands of toothpaste, i m more of a darlie toothpaste supporter while he's a colgate supporter.... but since i have been using colgate for the 4 months i had lived in his place and his mum gave us 2 tubes of colgate for our new house then just use lo... =)

well, the one most annoyi
ng toothpaste habit of Mr Ang is that he uses alot of toothpaste each time he brushes his teeth... he is the typical type which must cover the whole toothbrush length with toothpaste.... the correct amount of toothpaste needed for an effective and efficient wash is the size of a pea or fingernail (according to the web)....

why do i find this annoying leh??? especially when it's a colgate tube.... go check out the diameter of the opening of a coglate tube and that of other brands of toothpaste.... the diameter of the opening of a coglate tube is way larger than other brands and it's not because colgate wants to facilitate the consumers' use of the toothpaste but instead it wants consumers to use more of the toothpaste each cunning of them right????

many of you might be thinking how come i m so knowledgeable regarding this issue right??? hahahaha.... cos i had read about this in my marketing textbook when i was in uni.... it's was under the section on "thinking out of the box".... the article stated that the management team of colgate was having a meeting on how to increase sale... and after many many hours, all they could come up with were the usual marketing strategies such as advertsing, creating awareness etc etc...then in came the cleaner, someone posted the challenge to him....the cleaner thought for a while and said, "just make the hole bigger" ....tatatata..... with this sentence, the meeting was over....

sometimes, we really need to see different perspectives and seek difference opinions...maybe this will make all our so-called problem easier to be resolve... =)

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