Thursday, November 24, 2011

Apple Power

 Apple Power

Can you identify the 3 apples and their significances in the world today????

or do you prefer the apple that has the power to bring everyone back to our younger days....=P  
finally watched it today with Mr Ang....a super successful movie that has both girls (the apples) and guys (the apples chasers) gonna goo-goo-gaa-gaa over it for the past few weeks.....have friends who watched it more than once, even thrice and those who bought the book and not forgetting those who could recite what was said in the movie.....

it's not a typical romance story ... but also cant say that it's a comedy.... it's definitely not for the very young lots of COLOURFUL languages, lots of naked scenes, lots of sexual scenes (though none of them were romantic at all) .... overall, a simple movie that tugs at the heart....laugh my heart out and cried my eyes out as well.... but totally agree with what 沈佳宜 said while looking at the moon on 921...

to me, puppy crush should just remain as puppy crush so that the perfect feeling for each other can last till the end and if we meet 10 years, 20 years down the road, we can still be friends and when we look at each other in the eye, we know that we are still each other's special someone.... the one that we once like so deeply and so innocently yet for one reason or another didnt get to be together.....or couldnt last till the end....

this show reminded me of another sweet show about first love

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