Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Europe (3)

Bits and Pieces of Europe (3)

 A must go place from Florence.... postcard view with every camera shot....=)

a handwritten instruction for everyone who took the train instead of continue the second round of the hike...and there were like at least 20 of us....hmmmm.... they could just print it out and fill in the time of the train right???? and the weird thing is that they wrote everything in capital letters...... 

many many train tickets from florence to the nearby places 

receipt from the Bed and Breadfast in venice

venice map at 1.50 euro....a total waste of money....not helpful at all as it impossible to navigate around the small alleys...

it's more helpful to look for the signages that point to the 2 main attraction...and there's no need to take waterbus at all when travelling within the same island.... it takes only about 20-25 minutes by foot from one end to the other end

day trip to the 3 islands of venice....

ATVO ticket and bus schedule - bus that took us from venice to airport

plane ticket from venice to greece

bus ticket from greece airport to our hotel near the port

network key given ...weird cos different level of the hotel has a different network key....

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