Monday, December 31, 2012

ATPP exhibition - Siblings' Love

Drew my fingers in a peace sign (letter v) during the 4th lesson of "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" lesson and decided to add on to it for the exhibition....roped in the 3As... =) 

Title: Siblings' Love 
 “The hand which held the rest is the smallest of them all… I have aged” 

This is the most emo piece of artwork.... i din expect it to be so emo for me... i was so emo that i had tears in my eyes even when i shared about how emo i was when i was doing this piece of art work with my science department teachers during checked in last week.... 

my弟弟妹妹 have all grown up liao... their hands are no longer the tiny, cute, smooth, squashy ones which i held years ago..... 

anyway, close up of the individual pieces
lanky and very smooth hands she has...

the hand which i held the most as i was tasked to fetch him home from kindergarten everyday during my sec sch days.... can't believe that tiny hand of yesteryears has developed into a man's hand liao... so huge and so rough

the smallest of them all with short and plump fingers... =S

even the youngest of the lot has difficulty squeezing his fingers into the view finder.... =S

How i wish this piece of artwork can be counted as 4 pieces of drawing..... wahahaha.... like that then i would have hit the quota for the number of 2D artwork for the exhibition liao oh... =P  

Other Artwork :
Rainbow Tree

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bye Bye 2012 & Hello 2013

Bye Bye 2012 

It's the time of the year where i take stock of my resolution and my achievement in the current year and set targets and dreams for the coming year..... 

well, out of the 8 targets that i set as my 2012 resolution, i achieved 5 of them..... 

(1) i managed to achieve more work-life balance this year .... thanks to having an attached teacher with me, my workload was shared and thanks to the ATPP course, i was excused from having to plan and execute aesthetic day 2012... =P .... and thanks to the promotion this year, i no need to work that hard on weekends anymore... wahahahaha.... which equals to me having more time for myself and for meeting up with friends.... =) 

(2) once a term chua family outing was also carried out with a meni + pedi with 蔡妈咪, board games @ minds cafe on Mother's Day and a visit to Art Science Museum for the Harry Potter exhibition. As for end of the year, it was a co-sponsored family holiday to Bangkok for mummy and the 3As. 

(3) went on a week holiday to taiwan with mr ang and parents-in-law and had lots of fun.... =) 

(4) started my Art Teacher Practitioner Program (ATPP) program.... though super stress at having to churn out many many artworks and having to exhibit at least 7 of them, i enjoyed the process and the lessons alot.... it's one of the rare courses where i really learnt alot of skills & strategies which i can apply at work and felt that time spent at the course was well spent de oh... 

(5) and yup yup yup.... i'm still happily married to mr ang..... the keyword here is not 'married' but 'happily'..... 我是幸福的.... thank you mr ang for doing most of the housework, tolerating all my nonsense, giving me plentiful of hugs & kisses and for loving me so much despite my laziness, nua-ness and boring-ness.... 

other achievements not in the list includes:

(6) went to hong kong for year end holiday with Mr Ang, his bro & bro's gf

(7) getting nominated for OYEA....though wasn't even short-listed for the interview but was happy enough to be nominated by the school... =)..... and also won the oca team award for planning the teachers' day celebration in school 

(8) taught P1 again this year...happiness to the max... .it's my 4th year as a P1 teacher... one of the few things that can really make me jump for joy is finding out that i'm a P1 teacher again the following year lo..... i'm just so easily satisfied.... 

and now for the 3 targets that i din achieve in 2012.... =(

(1) no 龙宝宝 .... may not be a bad thing though.... given that i'm in the mist of my art education training which is ending nov 2013, i hope i get a year-end 小马宝宝 though.... best is i can spend my maternity leave in UK while mr ang does his phd there in his 3rd yr.... 

(2) attended 8 out of 16 dance lessons before deciding to call it quit.... mab and i were just so unmotivated.... wahahaha.... 

(3) din go for any dive... =(

Hello 2013

(1) i want to get into and clear the advanced diploma in arts education in NIE..... means i need to clear the interview in Feb first ..... wish me lots of luck and more creative thoughts and interviewing skills..... 

(2) seriously need to lose some weight.... been going for short runs with mr ang since 18 dec and so far manage to clock an average of 3 runs a week.... added 100m for every run and clocked 2.7km for the latest run on 30 december 2012..... really hope to sustain it even when school reopens.... 

(3) continue the once-a-term chua family outing.... hopefully a chua family holiday.....should be a trip sponsored by me and alfred.... so Alfred Chua, i help u make a resolution too k??? which is to get ur promotion and higher pay increment so that u can sponsor more for the trip k????? heeee..... 

(4) maintain work-life balance....means no work during the hols and no work during the weekend..... equals to more time to nua and more time for friends..... weird that mr ang is not in the equation right???? cos he dun really require much of my time de.... he's too busy giving tuition, exercising and studying.... even if he has the time, we also prefer to just nua at home.... wahahaha..... 

(5) stay HAPPILY married to mr ang.. =*

(6) i wanna go korea / australia / new zealand for at least 1.5 weeks of holiday either in june / dec.... 

(7) i wanna go bali / redang for a beach holiday... would be a bonus if i can go for a dive too.... =) 

(8) stay positive and focus more on the blessings and less on the's so sad to be unhappy about everything.... from train break down in that 1 out of the 100 trips that was made or slow network in that hour out of 24 hours a day.... why be so sad when u can be happy 95% of the time???... Smile people ... =) 

(9) I want to be a P1 teacher for core subjects and have many many art classes.... this dream came true liao cos school timetable is out.... i m a P1 english teacher with 4 classes of art....wahahaha..... total no. of teaching periods is only 26 a week.... i'm so blessed.... =) .... so looking forward to a slack slack work year in 2013... 

(10) I want to get back the $1500 which i lent to my JC classmate  in august 2011 before CNY 2013. A sum of money which he promised to return within a month yet it took more than a year liao and the worse part is that he had gone MIA.... angry to the max.... 

(11) I hope that my blog gets at least 500 reads every day... =) ... and maybe 3 more followers??? heeee..... 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Art of the Brick

continued our 2nd year wedding anniversary 'celebration' at The Art of the Brick @ Art Science Museum after the lunch at TWG.... this was the main reason why we were at Marina Bay Sands.... 

Been wanting to go for this exhibition since mx recommended it to me during the last meet up and especially so since the art dept had purchased more than $1800+ worth of lego to be used either in the art curriculum or for art enrichment... has plan to have it as an art learning journey too if budget allows....somemore this visit will be paid for with the remaining of my LDS.... =) 

lego xmas tree right at the entrance... made by artist Nicholas Foo, the only Lego certified professional in southeast asia... ornaments were made by visitors who visited the exhibition during the launch.... 

I was so happy that photography was allowed in this exhibition.. =) 

~About the Artist~

my cute cute mr ang having lots of fun with the exhibits again.... just like how he enjoyed himself at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum during the trip to Hong Kong previously 
he should have ripped his shirt open hor???? 

my favourite piece.... 2D lego ('painted' picture) based on 3D lego... everything is made from lego bricks .... the easel, the drawers, the high stool, the fruits, the paint, the palette are all made from lego bricks

one of mr ang's favourite 

ipad with lego app that we got to play with... =) 

snapped a picture with the ipad, click click click and we got these 

another of my favourite .... i love the fusion idea behind this piece of work

luv the shadows that enhances the whole aesthetic view 

another play with shadow 

Play area where visitors can play and be creative... =) 

foot reflexology on lego bricks... ouch.... 

Since i had excess LDS left, i bought the exhibition guide at $20

and this paper bead maker at $16
gonna use it for my art bazaar next year... =D 

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary lunch @ TWG

first, it was the wedding

then, it was our 1st wedding anniversary

now, it's gonna be the 2nd one already oh.....time really zoom zoom de oh... =D

we celebrated it 9 days earlier cos i'm starting work on boxing day and i have not done any work this holiday and i have only completed 1 out of 7 pieces of artwork required for the art exhibition on 4th jan so can foresee that i will confirm 临时抱佛脚 to rush out all the school stuff and exhibition stuff that i'm supposed to complete this holiday from 26 dec all the way to 2 and 4 jan respectively... =P... 

Happy 2nd year to both of us... may we stay loving and faithful and considerate and understanding and supportive and accepting to each other in the many many more happy years to come... =) 

Had our lunch at TWG @ Marina Bay Sands

passion fruit tea for me and honey tea for him....
dun the teapots look like cute round elephants??? 

Chicken En Brochette for me 

Seared Matcha Salmon for mr ang

Mango crumble that came with Alfonso tea ice-cream.... super yummy..... mad luv..... 

Macarons - Napoleon Tea & Caramel, Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate, Black Tea & Blackcurrant, Grand Wedding tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut flavour

the problem is, we dun know which was which.... wahahahaha.... and they were all too super duper sweet for our likings.... regret big time....but we still finished it up cos it cost $2 each.... =P ... really dun understand the craze over macarons.... =S

 oopx..... the bill came up to over a hundred.... thank you mr ang....