Thursday, July 19, 2012

A is for Art 2012 - Making the Chair (Part 2)

A is for Art 2012 - Making the Chair (Part 2)

A big thanks to Mr Choo who helped us to arrange for a contractor for the sawing of the back of the chair into the 'leaf' shape which the team insisted on and the drilling of it to the seat at no charge... =D 

but sad to find out that we were faced with another challenge due to it
and our new challenge was "What to do with these 3 pieces of wood???"
to camou or not to is our challenge now

so the following casual discussion took place:
me: What would be the colour of the chair back?
team: GOLD 
me: Why? Do you know that a dark colour such as black would camouflage the 3 pieces of wood?
team: but GOLD is nice. 
me: But how does GOLD represents the school?
team: It represents all the gold awards that we received from SYF. It represents the school's excellent achievement (in performing arts). 

They WON the discussion and Celena, Li Qi and Bao Ping immediately set off to work!!

and they continued to chant: We will also get the gold award for A is for Art cos our chair is GOLD... = ) 

They seems to be oblivious to the 3 pieces of wood 'hanging' randomly behind the chair.... was I the only one who was troubled by them??? 

Farhana mixing the primary colours, red and yellow, to obtain the secondary colour, orange, to be used on the arm rests

"Susan, how do the arm rests represent the school?" I asked

"This arm rest is very special, just like how our school is special," came the reply.

"How does it represents 'special'?" I persisted.

"Nia! There's a hole here. Normal arm rests do not have such curvy holes. So it represents special."


The team spent a huge chunk of time arguing on how to make the star cushion and padding for the chair back while having fun at popping the bubble wraps till Ain and I had to step in to get them to stay focused on the task ...

and eventually Maleha took charge and guided the rest to complete the task.

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