Friday, January 18, 2013

meet-ups during the dec hols

din get to meet alot of people this dec holiday as i spent a week of holiday in hong kong and also was busy churning out artworks for the ATPP exhibition 

anyway, bought mummy to wild honey                                                                           
ordered my favourite hangover sandwich for her and she luvs it
xmas tree on her cuppuccino 

ordered a chicken pie for myself.... nothing fantastic.... =S

Food for thoughts with lene

mushroom risotto for her 

bacon and brocoli risotto for me...yummy.... but still prefer the one i had in santorini.... =D

xmas @ james' place  

james was our super steamboat chef.... used 干贝 to boil the stock and prepared super yummy ingredients to go with it.... one of the best home prepared steamboat i had..... =) 

xmas present from PTL.... new toy for himself so super enthu in using it to take photo that day.... =P
P1 teachers of 2012 gathering @ home sweet home after year-end staff high tea 

fun game of monopoly deal where i won at the expense of ai mei's bankrupcy... =P 

Countdown to New Year 2013 @ home sweet home

2 of the 3 we finished... 

lousy mr ang kongz out even before 1130pm.... the result of being too noisy and too fun-loving... =P 

second one to kongz out at 1215pm

3rd was ailing 

4th was laurice who was super chatting after all the drinks

and the 5 who survived the night.... =) 

of which 4 had a game of mahjong to end off the countdown... =) 

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