Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chillout @ Cosford

accepted joyce's invitation to check out the newly opened bistro by our cycling friends - Chillout @ Cosford.... 

a restaurant with a very interesting backyard 


outdoor bar counter that opens at night 

outdoor soccer screening area 

KTV lounge - free usage unless the room is booked for private function .... ktv system gets updated twice a month oh... so definitely will have the most up to date songs too... =) 

pool table - free play too =) 

had much fun exploring the area before we settled down for lunch.... 

we ordered a set meal each which came with a bowl of mushroom soup and a scoop of ice-cream at the end of the meal

grilled chicken with black pepper sauce for joycelyn

fish & chips for me

so many so many side dishes....totally worth the price and there's 
NO service charge + NO GST.... =) 

we only paid about $30+ for 2 set meals and a pot of tea which came in a pretty tea set.... 

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