Thursday, August 22, 2013

Singapore's W stands for Water theme park @ adventure cove

i just couldnt find the time nor the people who are willing to go Ice-skating with me, the activity which i planned for letter I.... =S

so i decided to just jump sequence (for the second time and more times to come due to my hectic schedule this term) for this Singapore's A to Z blog challenge and it shall be a super jump from letter H for Haji lane to letter W for water theme park

there are at least 2 water theme parks in Singapore, adventure cove and wild wild wet, and numerous tinier and cheaper water theme park style swimming pools which i mentioned in this post

Joyce managed to get adventure cove tickets at only $10 each.... (thank to SIM) ... original price is $29 and $33 for off peak and peak period respectively oh... so off to the youngest and biggest water theme park in Singapore, adventure cove, we went... =) 

a very happy me who looked forward to a great day there on a Wednesday..... nie tutor had some research meeting on at moe and declared lesson to be independent reading lesson.... wahahahaha.... =) 
with my very flat hair though.... regret decision 1 to cut my fringe a month back which resulted in a bird nest looking fringe perched on my head and regret decision 2 to rebond the 'bird nest' last weekend ..... i want my bob back!!!!... =S ...haix.... can only comfort myself with - hair will grow!!!


took bus RWS8 from the bus stop outside vivo into Sentosa at $2, payable with exlink card + inclusion of island admission  

anyway, photos and videos were taken after we tried on all the rides as it was impossible for me to have my camera with me la...

happy to see that t-shirts and shorts are allowed.... =) ... 
due to the law of horizontal expansion, i'm no longer permitted to walk around in bikini liao... =S 

the open concept shower area

interesting machine outside the changing room.... gigantic dryer for human at $5 per usage

one of the many water coolers around the cove

high tech lockers at equally HIGH prices of $10 each for the smaller ones which has enough space to squeeze in 2 bags and 2 pairs of slippers and $20 for the bigger ones.... good news is, it's fully automated (key-less) and allows multiple usage within the day... you dun even have to remember the locker number as it will be displayed on the screen when you key in ur birth date and the answer to some secret question. 

storage area outside every ride for lose items such as slippers, spectacles etc which are not allowed on the rides 

no worries even if u r terrified of water as there are life-jackets for both children and adults

we din bother to take the map so just anyhow walk around and the first attraction we tried out was BluWater Bay... 

quite a standard wave pool ... a tack smaller compared to those i tried in korea and Wild Wild Wet .... and it was already this crowded on a weekday... i cant and dun wanna image how sardine packed it would be on weekends and during the hols.... 

2nd ride - adventure river
personally, i prefer to call it the lazy pool cos all you need to do is laze in the big tube and the water flow will bring you on a trip round the cove.... 

this type of flow with the current ride is also a common ride in most water theme park but the difference is that we got to 'flow through' the stingy ray pool and got to see them really close up, separately by a layer of glass of cos and underground tunnel with elaborate (and a little eerie) deco 

3rd attraction

a big pool where we snorkelled and got to see the fishes up-close .... it would be more fun if they allowed us to feed the fishes though... heee

4th attraction - Splash Works
jumping decks - i tried both.... the slightly higher one can be abit scary but just count one, two three and JUMP!!!.... FUN!!!

Joyce's favourite due to the adrenalin rush she got for fear of dropping into the 4m deep water.... wahahaha

got all the videos below from youtube as i gave up trying to take pictures and video after a while... =) 

5th ride - dueling racer 
got a mat and fly like Aladdin.... but instead of up in the sky we go, we went down the water slide... 
(video from Tin Htun Aung)

6th - Riptide Rocket 
the most exciting ride and should be kept till the last else the rest would be seen as chicken feet after this ride's like a mini roller coaster ride in water with 3 mid range slopes ... i like.... would have gone for it multiple time if not for the long waiting time... =S 

(video from skyb1rd)

7th ride - Tidal Twister
(video from Tom Harvey)

probably because Joyce and I were in the duo float so we din manage to turn 180 degree as shown in this video... 

8th - pipeline plunge
couldnt find a video for this... =(... it's just another tube ride... faster and shorter..... 

decided to skip the spiral washout and whirlpool washout as the sun had came out from behind the clouds and the queue at each ride was more than 30 minutes and given the fact that we had already tried the most exciting one liao and couldnt be bothered with the rest... oopx.... 

the average wait time at the more popular attractions was approx 20 - 30 minutes and got longer after 3pm or so.... 

overall, not too bad given that it was cloudy (= no sunburn) and the crowd wasn't that scary  in the earlier part of the day

i think it would be a better experience if there is an automated system to bring the floats/tube up ... i find it too tiring and a little dangerous to lug such a huge object up the steps la... 

and having a few more tubes per type of ride will reduce the waiting time too.... =) 

tiring day ended with a yummilious dinner at Menya Musashi and a shopping spree at h&m..... so happy that i finally found a one-piece swimming costume that i like... even happier is that Mr Ang agreed to pay for it..... wahahahaha... =D

tried to take some artistic shots along the way as a practice for Friday's on site shooting lesson 

(1) minimalist

(2) alternate viewpoint 

(3) Pattern  

(4) asymmetrical balance 

(5)  leading curve

(6) symmetric balance

(7) inbalanced - left heavy 

(8) rule of 3rd

(9) framing 

so far lesson is only on composition of the photo.... hopefully can learn more on 'beautify techniques' as i find my photos very dead... =S 


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