Monday, June 8, 2015

Chuas travelled to Japan - June 2015

the much anticipated trip just because it was an "All-In" family trip for the first time in 16 years.... 

And for this trip, Angela bought matchy matchy passport covers for all of us... =) 
 i luv how the charms were selected with much thoughts;

Mummy is the key to all our hearts.

I am the princess in the family.

a wing for the angel in her name

Alfred is in the navy.

Alvin is her competitor at taking selfie. 

wefie with 蔡 mummy before we board.. =)  

蔡 mummy totally mesmerized by the droplets of the Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport Terminal 1 
our very first famfie on the trip

Bought JAL flight through Bravofly at $570 each 
my entertainment set for the 7 hours flight - watched Focus (very nice) and Cinderella (okay okay only) 

crackers with milk for breakfast

ice-cream and coke for lunch as only the chicken set was left by the time the flight attendant served the row i was in and i dun eat chicken... =S 

Lucky Alfred and Mummy got to sit on the first row, next to the emergency door, that came with extra extra leg space

touched down at about 4.30pm 

and headed to the JR centre at B1

to exchange our JR exchange order for a JR pass
bought this at $321 each from price breaker @ Plaza Singapura

the young ones helping to fill in the forms 
while the senior citizen was posing with the luggage trolley.... 

clear immigration + change JR pass took us close to 1.5 hours and we could only take the Keisei Skyliner at 6.13pm... cost us 2470¥ (S$26.90) each

chose this over JR narita express because it's cheaper 


chanced upon our first Family Mart at Nippori station  

and spent 1300++¥ S$(14.50) on our first round of Onigiri ... so oishi!!!! i mad luv these simple rice balls

and so were the rest... =D

oki...maybe not so for angela

took JR Yamonote line from Nippori to Shinjuku at 200¥ each followed by the toei subway oede line at 180¥ each to nishi-shinjuke-gochome

it was 8.30pm by the time we got to our apartment.... that's a freaking 4 hours after we touched down!!!! 

more about our apartment in the next post... =S 

we were starving for a proper dinner and were very happy to see CoCo Curry House

Here's Alvin pointing to all the choices he wanted.... 

 our dinner being prepared right in front of us... =) 

round 1 of many many curry rice on the trip .....

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