Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 6 in Japan - out of koyasan to tokyo

三个七早八早 @ 5.45am 起床的听经者
for once, i am thankful for back light cos sleepy face too 'chui' to 见人.... wahahahahaha

back view reminds me of Piccolo from dragon ball... =P  

we were the earliest, thanks to alfred who remembered the wrong starting time, and was joined by at least 10+ other tourists who came a good half an hour later... 

vegetarian breakfast after an hour of meditation 

Alfred looked so funny and cute here with his 嘟嘟嘴... heee

a zombied alvin who was kept awake the whole night by the sleep orchestra snores from mummy, angela and alfred... well... i slept through it all... thanks to my effective natural ear filter system.... hahahahhaa... 

Ready to leave for tokyo then realised i had not take pic in the yukata.... 

that's it.... a night at the temple... nothing exceptionally special .... .... probably because we are not religious people?!?!?!?! 

but it was a nice break from the massive amount of walking i put the whole family through since the first day we landed in japan prior to this stay.... heee

this angle look so slim... i also want.....  ;P

down the windy roads once more 

reading power 999..... reading through the eyelids.... 


great idea for an umbrella point at each station!!!

recharged with coffee at kyoto station after collecting our luggage and ready to move off once more to tokyo

but still not enough to counter the whooping 10 hours from mount koya to reach our apartment in Tokyo due to hopping on the wrong train, local instead of express, at the first leg of the journey... =S 

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