Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 4 in Japan - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter @ Universal Studio Japan (Part 2)

Chiong to the toilet we did when Alfred came out of the gent and told us to check the ladies out.... 

sorry for the lousy video but so interesting to hear MOANING MYRTLE's voice as background "music"!!!!

try to locate me trying to find a corner, away from this crowd in the toilet, to take the above video and the pics below... =P 

nothing special in the cubicle.... hahahahaha
We followed a queue without really knowing what we were queuing for and were led into this room 

then into yet another room 

where a wizard was waiting for us

this lucky girl was chosen for the wand selection process.... 

then finally led into Olivanders Wand shop after the wand selection "performance" was over

the variety of wands available for sale

Angela bought this.... great taste she has.. =) 

Posing and photobomed.... 


House Points!!!
Hallway of moving pics... and yes... some do move... =)

OMG!!!! i looked so 胖嘟嘟 here.... bad angle!!! =S 

well... only Alvin and Angela went for the rides while the 3 "senior citizens" took a break.... =) 

 Ending The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Alfred modeling one of his purchases ... =) 


very cute towel/cape that Alvin bought to sheer him from the drizzle 

so cute.....真的是女大十八变... #proudsister 

Alfred having fun with his Harry Potter scarf 

awesome pic that angela took

while the 3 of them went for their rides at spiderman.... i parked 蔡 mummy at the stroller parking lot area... wahahahaha..... 

posing with the popcorn that Alvin bought... 

was surprised and disappointed that USJ does not sell magnets at all.... but i just wanted to buy something from there especially seeing the 3 young ones all bought something for themselves.... in the end, i bought a box of 4 elmo 杯杯面 for 1000¥ (S$11)... =P

ending off our 4th day in Japan with a teppanyaki dinner near our accommodation..... 

it was a very tiny shop with no english menu so we anyhow ordered based on the  limited chinese words and the pictures available.... 

in the end... mum and alfred went to the curry house for second round

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