Monday, May 7, 2012

A is for Art 2012 - ACM visit

A Visit to the Asian Civilisation Museum 

PRIOR to the trip:

We wanted the learning experience @ ACM to be one that the pupils enjoy... and being enjoyable means that the activity at each station must be more than just a Q&A...i remembered the only time when i was really awake during the tour round the ACM was during the A is for Art preview when we were given half an hour to complete the trail booklet in the Patterns of Trade Exhibit Gallery and to look for the osa osa based on a riddle.... 

I shared these interesting experiences at the ACM with Ain and 2 other teachers, Mabel and Aster, who signed up for the A is for Art Professional Learning Team (PLT) which I was heading as well. 

After some discussion, we felt that the Patterns of Trade Exhibit together with the Trail booklet provided by ACM will bring about a greater learning compared to the artefacts suggested in the Teacher's Manual for the theme on shapes & patterns .... 

Mabel and Aster created the activity sheet for the theme on composite creatures 

 while Ain created the one for the theme on colours

to facilitate the tour, I created the following table so that the teachers and the pupils would not be lost amidst the artefacts

DURING the trip: 

1st stop for the 9 pupils under Mabel's and my charge was the Patterns of Trade Gallery 

EVERY ONE IS ENGAGED in the activity!!!!
likey much much...=D 

Celena counting the number of roosters on one of the textile

even Mabel was engaged in the activities. She's seemed here trying to identify the 3 differences between the elephant on the textile and the one printed on the trail booklet 

Susan and Wei Ping drawing an interesting flower motif that they saw on one of the textiles

2nd stop was Gallery 3 @ level 2. We told the pupils that they had 10 minutes to locate the 2 composite creatures located in the gallery. 

       It wasn't long before they spotted them one after the other

3rd stop was to look for the Topeng Mask in Gallery 4a located at level 3
The focus was on the red mask in the middle

Afiqah, Farhana and Susan reading up more about the red Topeng mask from the Artcard

4th stop was Gallery 7 at level 1 where the pupils will find the last composite creature and the indian dancer in red


I was extremely surprised to see the yali mounted on sticks. i had thought that it would be in a glass case similar to that of the makara

somehow the height advantage makes this artefact more grand than the others.... maybe our vip chair can also be mounted onto some structure too..... idea to keep in mind for the ultimate challenge

din expect this artefact to be of this size. I had always imagined it to be a decorative item that can be placed on table tops.  

Last stop was Gallery 8 at level 1 

The pupils seems to be more interested in the infomation and filling in their activity sheet than the actual artefact itself... =(

Rewarding the kids with some art time in the Patterns of Trade Gallery

Some pretty pieces spotted

Mine...kind of childish.... but at least 有个样...=) 

Pupils' Reflection log:

(1) Hopes & Fears

(2) Draw your favourite artefact

(3) Why is it your favourite artefact?

(4) Three things I like about the trip to ACM

(5) Any other thoughts about the trip to ACM


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