Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Diaper Time

Diaper Time

Whose diaper is this????

How come there's a hole in the diaper de???

cos it's for Brownie's tail to go through ... =)

our Brownie is in heat now.... *shy shy*... and have to be in diaper for the next 10+ day...else she will not be allow out to play oh

and why are they in clothing this round leh??? cos snowy caught a cold while lying down on the cold cold marble floor on a cold cold rainy day....she has been sneezing and her record was 5 consecutive sneezes..... it's so funny hearing a pup sneeze non-stop.... hahahaha.... oopx.... 

another interesting thing about the pups...whenever Mr Ang and I are too engrossed in doing our own stuff, this will be what we will find when we go into the kitchen...
this is our pups' favourite hobby.... SOCKS BUFFET..... they love love love super mad love Mr Ang's socks.... they will bite the socks out onto their favourite mat even when we hid them behind the laundry basket..... they are always not happy with one sock each....they just have to bite ALL of them out ... =S

update from a week later:
snowy is in heat too.... wahahaha..... 
shy shy* look seh.... =P 

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