Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 3 in Japan - Toei Kyoto Studio Park - Part 2

within the Studio Park, there were smaller museums.... 

cute cartoonist (tracer) at work... =P

added in my signature icon and wala.... a present for 蔡 mummy.... wahahahahaha


Alfred was really taking pictures of each and every cabinet that was filled with all these figures... i bet he must be thinking "Why cant i bring them all home?????"..... 

Kyoto's version of Trick Eye Museum which was located within the studio park at an addition of 500¥ (S$5.50)  

instruction was in Japanese 

but no fear, we were given the translation in the form of an instruction card 

Alvin was sitting on the hand of the lady 

with elongated hands.... 

Hawker: Oei, dun squeeze my eel leh!!!!
Alfred: Give me my unagi now!!!

Alvin's attire blended in with the background really well... =) 

there are a total of 6 "spotable" ninjas painted into this picture... try to spot them all!!!

really luv both their expressions, especially Alfred's..... so funny....

i looked so chubby here and mummy looked so fun size.... wahahahaha

the once in a lifetime opportunty for Angela to experience being fun size..... she's a freaking 1.73m la.... 

wasted!!! i should have taken a video of this segment instead... it was hilarious.... Angela was trying to use Alvin's shade as a mirror to bun up her hair and Alvin being Alvin was alternating being helpful and being irritating

i wonder how did he manage to keep a straight face when Angela was like staring and yet not staring into his eyes with her hair all over .... so funny listening to the two of them squabbling while the bunning-up was being carried out.... 

Street Samurai Show
the host

the performers


one down, one more to go!!!

the kawaii samurai 

3 lucky participants learning how to hold the swords

observing how a fight scene was acted out 
having a go at acting out a fight scene too...
what was interesting was that the performers ensured that all three participants had different experiences.... 

this lady met with a "I love you" and a proposal during the act

and this with a gun.... wahahahhaaha

We got to pose with the sword and the performers too.. =) 

bought mini 风水猫

for 2 of my bestest pal, Mr Ang and mummy 

lunch was at one of the restaurants within the studio park
oden for alfred
and this is also for Alfred

rice & noodle set for mummy and me
蔡 mummy drawing out her chopsticks... heee

Alfred also had fun with the chopsticks... heee




Let's go!!!

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