Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 9 in Japan - Tuna Auction @ Tsukiji Fish Market

reached our destination at 3.30am... yes AM.... thank god that our accommodation for the night before was just 15 minutes walk away....  

we reached slightly before 3.40am 

and were number 1, 2 and 3 of the SECOND group of visitors....
meaning that there were 60 other people who came in even earlier than us....

 feeling super proud that we made it.... wahahahaha 

Full house just before 4am 

sleeping stages of 蔡 mummy:

1st stage

2nd stage

BOSS stage 

dun judge too quickly ... though she might be the first one who made herself super comfortable during the wait, she wasn't the only one... =P

finally after 2 hours of wait, it was our turn to move off.... =D 

and a short 5 minute walk from the waiting room, we entered one of the many many auction warehouses

see, flip, touch, take notes!!!

and what was the bell for??? it meant "Get your fish" time... =P 
quite interesting to see them yapping niaming away... hahahahha 

recording who bought which....  

before sending the humongous tuna to be sliced 

mountain full of styroform boxes  

then it was back to our capsule hotel to continue our beauty sleep before returning for breakfast at the market.... =) 

so was the 2 hours wait for a 20 minutes experience worth it??? .... i would say yes.... more so as the Tsukiji market will be relocated  in 2016 or 2017 after being at its current location for the last 8 decades.... 

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