Saturday, October 5, 2013

Singapore's K stands for spa @ Ktm resort

well..... though Ktm resort is located on Batam island, a day trip out of Singapore is all it needs to enjoy the spa service provided by Batam Spa Villa at this sea front resort... =)..... 

love love love their massage by the sea.... luv it so much that this was my 5th visit lo..... over 5 years though.... wahahahaha....but it's the one and only spa that i'm willing to spend $$$ on.... luv being able to relax and enjoy the massage to the 'real' (not CD) sound of waves crushing onto the rocks below ... luv the big open-air spacious rooms .... and even love the ginger tea served.... heeee 

we had purchased the Breeze Day Spa Package at $108 + $27 ferry terminal taxes and + $5 weekend surcharges = total $140. 

and for the price we paid, we got to enjoy a 45 minute ferry ride to and fro Batam, transfer from the jetty to the resort, a set lunch and 2.5 hours of spa 

collected our ferry tickets from Batam Fast counter at HabourFront Centre, #02-50/51 an hour before the ferry departed at 11.10am... 

and we reached Batam, Sekubang ferry terminal within an hour. The representative from KTM resort was already there to welcome us... =) 

did a simple and fuss-free check-in and we were ready for our 2.5 hours of spa which includes a 2 minutes foot bath, 45 minutes body scrub, 20 minutes hydro bubble bath and 75 minutes full body massage.... =) 

din managed to take any in the process photos so if you really wanna see photos of the place, you can check out these photos from the previous trip in 2011

here's the 4 of us relaxing after a good good 2.5 hours of pure bliss under the skilful hands of the masseurs.... =) 

and this was the view right in front of us.... luv it max.... if given an option, i could just lie down here for hours and wouldn't get bored starring at the sea, the sky and the clouds......

btw, the faint outline of skyscrapers is Singapore.... =) 

went for lunch, 4菜1汤, provided by the resort and representative drove us back to the terminal to catch the ferry at 5.10pm 

reached Singapore at about 6pm...


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