Monday, September 23, 2013

IVP4402: 3D Exploration (5) - resin

step 1:
pour 100ml of resin into a paper cup... do not use Styrofoam cup as it will melt upon contact with resin

step 2:
clean mold with kitchen towel dabbed in acetone

Step 3: 
shake the silicon spray can and spray a layer over the mold

Step 4:
add 30 - 32 drops of hardener into the cup of resin with a dropper. stir slower with a wooden chopstick and avoid introducing bubbles into the mixture

Step 5:
pour mixture into mold till desired height

step 6: (after 1.5 - 2 hours)
add decorative items and pour the second layer of resin over

step 7: (after 1 - 2 days)
remove from mold and 


i made all these with ling ling long longs, nanoblocks, m&m, sprinkles, seashells, foam heart etc, kopped from my classmates..... heee

gave most away to classmates who would be giving them to their kiddos as children's day present and only kept these two below for myself  

din try to make too many as i cant think of any functional usage for it.... somehow i'm not interested in creating art stuff.... cos i dun wanna them to clutter around the house.... 


this is part 2 of 7 parts to the series "Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education". A series of blog posts that are updated weekly (from aug - nov) to document the activities, progress and learning point(s) from the week's lessons... =) 

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