Sunday, September 29, 2013

Singapore's M stands for Musical; hairspray

i luv musical but they are so so so expensive and there's a trend of musicals being performed at mbs which was a no-no for me.... no like the narrow and wide stage nor the below par acrostic there after watching riverdance with vivian a few years back.... 

so thanks to joyce, i got to watch Hairspray at esplanade at a 50% discount and only paid $75 for a category B seat on the 1st level .... 

i hope i dun sound too racist here but the super lanky black dancer was so so so HOT!!!!.....drool......luv how he casually added in those swings of his long arms and legs while he danced... i couldnt take my eyes off him even though he wasnt the main lead.... oopx..... =P 

anyway, found all the songs, with lyrics, in youtube.... there's even a movie with zac efron as the main lead.... sharing some of the songs which i like... =)


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